park sunriseThis is the kind of subject I’d usually post on Sunday (for Spirituality) but it seemed like the perfect topic for the day after the world didn’t end which, if you are reading this, is the case.  What’s ADIGW?  When I write a gratitude list, there are several items that I abbreviate.  ADIGW is one of them … Another Day in God’s World.   If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I expressed certainty that the world would still be here today, in spite of the Mayan calendar.  That might sound a bit glib … even arrogant.  But what I’m saying today is that I don’t take another day in my life for granted.  I suppose valuing every moment should be a given based upon the events of the past week.

When I began writing gratitude lists, a friend told me to include things that I would normally take for granted, like enough to eat and a roof over my head.  Another day of life seems to take that principle to its most basic level.  A notion of the universe that’s always made sense to me is that reality exists in the Mind of God, much as the reality of a novel exists in the mind of the author before its written.  As Nina Amir says in an article on examiner.com, From a Kabbalistic perspective, all of creation is sustained constantly each and every moment by the energy God continues putting into creation. Humans serve as God’s co-creative partners. We create our lives and the things in the world we can affect directly.   If God’s energy were directed elsewhere, our reality would vanish.  So, each day really is a gift with so much to be thankful for.

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One Comment on “A.D.I.G.W.”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I love your pics. Especially those of your adorable family members. Very beautiful!!!

    I don’t think it was arrogant to proclaim that the world would still be here on the 22nd. I think that was more common sense. As for not knowing when our own final day might come…I think you are wise to live your life mindful of the things that make life wonderful.

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