Close Enough to Norman


Christmas morning came early yesterday, announced by the footfalls of our grandkids running up and down the hall as they tried to rouse their parents.  Apparently parent-rousing is harder than grand-parent rousing … Muri and I found ourselves sitting in the family room waiting for 30 minutes before the herd descended.   In my daughter’s family, they leave the kids’ big presents unwrapped next to their stockings.   Parents always want their kids to gasp with joy at the sight of their gifts.  Kids only occasionally cooperate.  Savy got an American Girl Doll (she looks just like me, Papa) that elicited, if not a gasp, a delighted squeal.  Maddux got walkie-talkies that became the plaything of choice for the rest of the day, even though there was no gasp at first.   And I’m sure Reed’s soccer goal and ball will get their due appreciation once he gets them outside.   And by the time all the packages were opened and overstuffed trash bags of wrapping paper stood like overstuffed sentries around the room, every child was happy, including the one in this sixty-eight year old body.

Norman Rockwell will not be painting our afternoon.  There was a cranky Mommy, a coming-down-with- something grandson, and long naps.  Thankfully for Older Eyes, there was a Lakers Christmas Day win against the Knicks.   There was more than one, Would you please turn off those Walkie-Talkies?  If I hear on more “Copy that” I’ll scream and several times we heard, Didn’t I tell you to take your toys to your room?  There was entirely too much sugar for an old guy with borderline blood glucose.  And by the time we got our act together to go see the new film, Parental Guidance, there was Christmas dinner from MacDonald’s drive through.  Don’t feel too bad for us … we had prime rib on Christmas Eve.   Parental Guidance was cute, meaning a rental at any other time of the year.

Today, we are taking it easy at our Little House.   UPS just delivered a new projection lamp for our DLP TV, which has been turning itself off at random lately.   It’s supposed to be an easy install.  We’ll see.   I need to get on the phone with my son in California and help him restore internet service … I had to change a password on my Earthlink email, which, it turns out, changed the password for our DSL connection.  And I’m sure we’ll nap.   This evening we have tickets to My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m Home for the Holidays at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix.  It should be a perfect Day-After-Christmas date.

So, it may not be, as they say, a Norman Rockwell Christmas, but it’s close enough for this old guy.   If I missed you yesterday, Merry Christmas.

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4 Comments on “Close Enough to Norman”

  1. Compliments of the season Bud.
    I can’t believe your daughter doesn’t wrap the gifts…half the fun is in the opening.

    • mebal07 Says:

      I totally second that!
      I love unwrapping gifts. Its the favorite part of gift exchange.
      Nevertheless, its great that the children loved their gifts!

  2. cherperz Says:

    Yes, I am sure that is true about Grandparents being roused easier than parents. It sounds like your little people did well.

    The play sounds fun. Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. territerri Says:

    It sounds like your Christmas was perfect for YOU. And that’s all that really matters. Happy holidays!

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