Posting Late

cactusThere are plenty of reasons not to post today.   The play that Muri and I saw last night … which I hoped would provide post-fodder … turned out to be a hour and a half stand-up routine by a very mediocre comedian.  Although we laughed, the laughs were of the obligatory sort.  Our date was saved by a nice dinner at a Southwest grill, Sam’s Cafe …  by our willingness to laugh along, even when the jokes weren’t all that funny … and, of course, people watching at the theater.   I swear, the woman on my right was Phyllis Diller on speed.   Scary.  I spent the entire show listing to the left.

Before the play, by the way, an usher told me I looked like Arizona’s first governor, George W. P. Hunt, and she returned several times to tell me more about the man.  In the days before I shaved my head, I was occasionally mistaken for Dick Cheney.  Now it’s George W. P. Hunt.  Maybe I just look like a politician.  What do you think?

bud hunt

Sorry.  I digress.   This morning was lost because I received an email explaining that we had signed one of the pages on the closing of our recent re-fi incorrectly.  Because we have a living trust, sometimes we sign as trustees and sometimes as ourselves.   Of course, since the loan closed weeks ago, they need a resigned page yesterday and emailed a Fedex Minus One Day delivery label along with the document.  Wouldn’t you  know it, the black ink cartridge in our printer was dead … and out here in MFN*, Arizona, the only place to buy a cartridge within 30 minutes is our local Walmart.  While I was at Walmart, I stopped to look for eye drops.  You see, as we age, some of us get dry-eye and … sorry, don’t mean to bore you with ailments.   On a shelf in the health and beauty department, I saw this interesting pairing of products:



This, I thought, is a picture dying for a caption.  Actually, I thought, This would make a good post, then I thought about the caption.  Mine would be Think First.   How about you?  Any ideas?

* MFN = Middle of Freakin’ Nowhere

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4 Comments on “Posting Late”

  1. cherperz Says:

    How disappointing about the play. I had clicked on the link and it sounded like it would be good. I would be leaning away from anyone that would be like Phyllis Diller (on or not on speed)

    In answer to your question…yes, you do look like a politician if the other picture is of the first governor.

  2. granny1947 Says:

    There is definitely a strong resemblence.

  3. Ahaha! Love the photo! But now that you’ve said ‘Think first’, I personally can’t think of anything else. It’s perfect.

    I’m afraid you do look remarkably like George Hunt. It’s something else that you have in common with my OH (apart from the dry eyes etc) because before he had his long silver locks cut short, he was always being told he looked just like Benjamin Franklin! He didn’t much care for the comparison.

  4. Are you sure you weren’t maybe a politician in another life? And I couldn’t figure out what the MFN meant so glad you gave an interpretation there. My kids would say that as BFE -“Bum F*** Egypt” -which is where a lot of places around these hills where I live are located!

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