restartIt’s likely that anyone who’s ever owned a Windows PC has noticed that over time, it seems to run slower and slower.   Sometimes, that’s due to viruses and spyware, but even with a good spyware catcher in place, it happens.  Now, I know you Apple-folk out there want to put all blame on Microsoft … and some certainly is caused by the way Windows functions … but many developers of Windows software contribute to the problem.  Programs are designed to load at startup, even if they are not required, and others don’t shut down completely when the are closed, leaving applications known as processes open to steal processor time.  The Windows Registry, which keeps track of settings, instructions and mistakes, becomes bloated and fragmented over time, slowing things down even more.   Experts recommend restarting PCs regularly to shut down unnecessary processes, defragmenting the PC’s hard drive when needed and using a registry cleaner periodically to keep your PC running efficiently.

About this time of year, I begin to feel like my hard drive is fragmented and my registry is bloated.  The enthusiasm and discipline of January is gone, and my progress on the goals I set in last New Year’s resolutions has slowed to a crawl.  I’ve looked in vain on Amazon for an Older Eyes Registry Cleaner and I’m afraid that at sixty-eight my brain is permanently fragmented.   But it’s time for New Years resolutions and in the next few days, I’ll be posting mine.   I am decidedly determined not to have a Bucket List, but as I get older, there are more things I want to do and less time to do them.  As a result, my resolutions seem to get more interesting with the years.   I’d say challenging but that would imply that I’m heavily invested in accomplishing all of them, which I’m not.   They are simply the annual Restart for this old guy’s brain.

How about you?  Resolutions or no?

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5 Comments on “Restart”

  1. I don’t make resolutions.. though in the car the other day I resolved to spend less time driving in 2013. 🙂 Good luck with your restart. The trouble with those seems to be that they require three things we cannot do: Control… alternate… and delete.

  2. See? I knew I was right to follow the crumbs to a blog titled ‘Older Eyes’! I’m just a young thing of fifty-something, but my brain is somewhat fragmented too, as is that of my OH (‘Other Half’, or ‘Husband’).

    I used to be a die-hard Windows person, not so much because I was in love with the PC/Windows combination, but because I’m enormously resisted to change. Then OH bought me a Mac laptop and I was almost instantly converted – I LOVE my Mac. So much that I bought an iPhone without even really looking at it, because it has the same interface. I wouldn’t go back if you paid me, and continued to pay me, huge sums of money.

    Sure, Macs run slow at times too, but not like Windows. The interesting thing is that OH is a convert of the most zealous type, and yet spent his working life as a programmer using PCs and Windows.

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