Monday Smiles – 12/31/2012

zoppeWhen Christmas was over and we were beginning to contemplate our departure for California on Erev New Year’s Eve, Muri and I thought it would be fun to find something for my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids to do together.   As usual, my search took me online, where I found the Zoppe Family Circus, which was performing at the Chandler Performing Arts Center on Saturday afternoon.  Zoppe is a 160 year-old family circus that is touring the United States.   Unlike the grander circuses like Ringling Brothers and Circus Vargas which appear in large commercial venues, the Zoppe Family Circus takes place in a small but picturesque tent in front of an audience of 500.  As the Zoppe website says, it is a one-ring circus that honors the best history of the Old-World Italian tradition. Starring Nino the clown, the circus is propelled by a central story (as opposed to individual acts) that feature acrobatic feats, equestrian showmanship, canine capers, clowning and plenty of audience participation.   There were no lions and tigers for PETA to worry about, just a few dogs jumping through hoops and horses trotting around the ring.   Aerial performances were, for the most part, done without restraints or nets.   The clowning was sweet and amusing, and even though Maddux informed us that, Clowns are creepy, he laughed more than any of us.  It was a perfect way to end our Christmas visit.


It’s Monday.  Tomorrow is time for resolutions.  But today, I’m smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 12/31/2012”

  1. territerri Says:

    The Zoppe Family Circus sounds like a wonderful way to end the year and enjoy the company of your family. The pictures prove that everyone had a great time.

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