Resolutions 2013

resolutionsFor many years, I’ve been something of a self-improvement junkie.  I believe that introspection is good for the soul and that identifying areas that could stand some improvement (sometimes known as finding Defects of Character) should be part of a mindful life.  So goals … what we like to inflate into Resolutions on January 1 … show up in my journals all year.  New Years Day is just a time to put them all on the line and press Restart.  Age has taught me that it’s OK to be human, to come up short, so I won’t let my performance on last year’s resolutions discourage me.  If I were to grade myself, as I did last year at this time, I’d likely get an F.  Oh, well.  Here we go again.  There are a few new ones and some of the usual suspects.

1. Morning Practice:  For many years, I’ve started the day with what I call Morning Practice.  At its fullest, that consists of Morning Pages, meditation, prayer, some spiritual reading and a gratitude list.  At its emptiest, it consists of getting out of bed.  This hasn’t been a good year for Morning Practice.  I want to get back to it, not everything every day but some.  Include meditation three times a week.  Do it all on Saturdays.

2. Be Neater:  I tend to leave things around.   My office is frequently a disaster.  Muri hates it and sometimes I think what goes on inside my head reflects the clutter around me (It might be the other way around).  I’m going to try to be neater on a daily basis.  I tend to stuff trash … receipts, wrappers, ticket stubs … in my pockets so that when I empty my pockets at the end of the day, well … I’m Mr. Trash Pockets.  It’s a small thing but I’d like to stop.

3. Don’t Be a Bummit:  A Bummit is an old fraternity term for a sloppy dresser.   I love to hang around in friendly jeans and T-shirts.  Muri gets tired of me dressing the same old way.  Just because we’re together for life doesn’t mean I should stop trying.  I’m going to try to dress a little nicer when we’re together.  Some of the clothes she bought me for Christmas will help.

4. Get Out Among the Peeps: Gradually, in retirement, I’ve spent more time working alone.  I miss working with people.  I want to find a way to be with people more, whether that means actually working, taking classes, volunteering or joining something.

5. Paint, draw or play music regularly. Start carrying the sketchbook again.  Tune the freakin’ guitar.

6. Get back in shape.  Get moving again and lose some weight.  Stretch every day and get 30 minutes exercise, even if it’s just walking.   Eat healthier.

7. Read more. Blogs.  Especially fiction.  Learn something.

8.  Call someone every day.  Family.  Friends.   When I’m not working, my world shrinks.  Reaching out is good for me.

9.  A Real Vacation with the Love of My Life

I know, I know.  You don’t make resolutions.  Or do you just not tell anyone about them?

Happy New Year


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6 Comments on “Resolutions 2013”

  1. Fabulous list of goals for 2013! Happy New Year, Bud!!

  2. territerri Says:

    Good resolutions – all of them. I like the idea of morning practice but it seems a bit overwhelming to me. You’ve made it manageable by only requiring a full commitment on Saturdays. This is something I want to give more thought to for my own life.

    There is nothing selfish in your list. All of your goals will make you a better husband, father, friend and coworker. I wish you much success. Happy New Year, Bud!

  3. I don’t think I could do the morning practice routine you have. I’m lucky if I can get dressed on time. Your discipline, even if occasional, is impressive.

    Sigh. Alright, fine. I don’t make resolutions, but I’ll give you some things I do plan on doing. Not the same thing. But I plan on significantly expanding my circle of friends. I plan on getting a new job. I plan on working to at least slightly replenish the bank account previously known as the Real Estate Fund. I plan on eating more vegetables.

    I’m pretty serious about all but the last one.

  4. cherperz Says:

    Very good list, Bud. I like the idea of making a resolution to get out more among people. As I have gotten older and am working less, I seem to be content staying home reading, writing or working on a project such as sewing.

    Hope you have a great 2013. Look forward to reading your posts and keeping up with you.

    Click to you

  5. cherperz Says:

    Wait…here I thought this was your Tuesday post until I realized there isn’t a button to push…I meant well but no button pushing on this one.

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