Monday Smiles – 1/14/2013

MOWMy journey toward complete retirement has been gradual but inexorable.  Business declined over four or five years, along with our incentive to beat the bushes for new clients.  Work as an expert is sporadic at best.  We’ll see what this year brings.  My wife, Muri’s was more sudden and complete, leaving her looking for things to fill her days.  One of the things she found was Meals on Wheels.   Once a month, she and another volunteer would deliver meals to shut-ins, mostly seniors.   Two years ago, when Muri needed a new partner … and my work was non-existent … I said, Why don’t I be your partner?  When my daughter heard we were delivering Meals on Wheels together, she thought it was cute.   We are indeed a Cute Old Couple.  We drive to the Meals on Wheels office at 10:30 in the morning to pick up the day’s meals in coolers, a lunch and a dinner, as well as drinks.   Then we drive to roughly a dozen residences ranging from large, expensive homes to cute little granny flats for delivery.   Meals on Wheels provides a detailed delivery book that includes driving instructions, the names of clients and special instructions, like Mrs. Smith is hard of hearing and uses a walker.  Please be patient for her to come to the door.   I drive and navigate but let Muri take the meals to the door.  Isn’t it odd that at sixty-eight, I’m still uncomfortable around old people? Will I be uncomfortable around myself at 75?

According to Wikipedia, Meals on Wheels originated in Great Britain during the Blitz, when many people lost their homes and therefore the ability to cook their own food so the Women’s Volunteer Service for Civil Defence delivered meals to servicemen.  Today, Meals on Wheels is administered by the Meals on Wheels Association of America which provides over one million meals a day, mostly to seniors, delivered by an army of volunteers numbering between 800,000 and 1.7 million.  MOWAA’s goal is to match the number of seniors facing hunger, 8.3 million, with volunteers to eliminate senior hunger by 2020.  You can learn more … or donate and volunteer … on their website here.

Anyway, delivery takes about two hours by the time we return the coolers to the Meals on Wheels office, leaving us out and about just in time for a nice lunch … and since we’re out, there are usually errands we can run together.  Today we’re going to look at new appliances for the kitchen.  It’s very cool , as we used to say.  It’s a Service Date.  It’s a Lunch Date.  It’s an Errand Date.

Yes, it’s Meals on Wheels Monday.  I’m smiling.

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4 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 1/14/2013”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I think that Meals on Wheels sounds like a nice volunteer opportunity. I have several friends that do it here but they complain about fighting the ice and snow during the winter. As I am not comfortable with driving during icy conditions, I only do indoor kind of volunteering.

    Appliances??? that sounds fun. We bought new appliances last year. It was a real toss up before I made the final decision.

  2. You’re not old yet. You don’t reach Cute Old Couple Status until you’re at least 75. And when you’re 75 you still won’t feel as old as other people look… God willing.

  3. OMG. Meals on Wheels sounds like totally-super-awesome volunteer opportunity! Good for you, Bud!!

  4. territerri Says:

    What a rewarding opportunity. I’ll bet that for the recipients, these deliveries bring more than just their daily sustenance. I’ll bet that Muri is a most welcome visit to people who may need a friendly face to ease the loneliness of their days.

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