Winter Leaves

Although I can’t specifically remembering her telling me so, I’m sure Autumn was my Mom’s favorite  season.   I also know that Autumn Leaves was one of her favorite songs.  She liked the Roger Williams version known more for its cascading arpeggios than its sentiment.  Me?  When I lived back East, autumn was my favorite season, too, but I wasn’t very fond of Autumn Leaves until I heard Eva Cassidy’s beautiful but melancholy version.

When we were kids, we’d collect Autumn Leaves to bring home and wax.  Mom would melt paraffin in an old saucepan and we’d dip them in the clear hot liquid.  When the paraffin dried, the leaves would keep their color for months, pinned to our bulletin boards or glued to colored construction paper.   Nobody ever waxed Winter Leaves or wrote songs about them either.  Yeah, Joni Mitchell mentioned them in her song, Urge for Going (But when the leaves fell on the ground, and Bully winds came around, pushed them face down in the snow) but that was just in passing.

It’s different in Socal.  When we moved here, people told us we’d miss the seasons, as if there weren’t any.  In fact, there are three, Spring, Summer and Autumn.   We just skip the nasty cold and white stuff but call our Autumn Winter so we won’t seem to showing off.  Consequently, Winter is my favorite season in California.   This week, as Muri and I were walking in our park, we found some liquid amber leaves that had blown in from a nearby neighborhood.   Liquid amber trees are the closest thing we have to maples here in Socal, and the leaves were brilliant red.  I didn’t have any paraffin handy but I did have my sketchbook, so here’s a Winter LeafNew Years Resolution 5 is safe for another week.

Winter Leaf - colored pencil

Winter Leaf – colored pencil

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2 Comments on “Winter Leaves”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I didn’t realize that Autumn Leaves (the song) had lyrics. I only remember hearing the instrumental. Very pretty song, though.

    Your three seasons remind me of Texas. There was definitely a spring that lasted 2 months, a summer that lasted 9 months, and the equivalent of Autumn that lasted the other 2 months. The summer, however, bakes your brain so you might not recover in time to notice the Fall.

    Very pretty leaf. That is one of the nice things about the middle of the country (yes..there are some nice things) is how beautiful the Autumn is. Lots of color that lasts for months.

  2. territerri Says:

    That is a BEAUTIFUL song. Your leaf is beautiful too.

    I love the Minnesota autumns (or falls, as I tend to call them.) SoCal’s seasons sound wonderful as you describe them. I wonder how much I’d miss the Minnesota winter? If at all?

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