Monday Smiles – 2/4/2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has been an odd week and a particularly odd weekend.  Muri and I are having our kitchen redone … new granite counter tops, all new appliances, tile back splash.  It’s something Muri’s wanted to do for quite some time but the downturn in my business put it on hold.  Now, thanks to low interest rates and a re-fi, it’s happening.  For over a week, we’ve been living without a kitchen.  It always seems like it will be easier than it is … Oh, we’ll use the barbeque and paper plates.  But there always some dishes to do and doing them in the laundry room is a pain.  Or.  Oh, we’ll eat out.  As much as we like to go out to eat, when you have to, it gets old.   Friday, the granite installers came at 8:30 am and were here until 7:00 pm and Saturday, the appliances went in … all day.  Consequently, Muri and I were confined to quarters.  Yeah, they were done by Saturday night but we didn’t have the energy for a Date Night.   How can watching other people work hard be so exhausting?  Today, a tile saw is whining in the backyard as the tile goes in … all day.  Tomorrow, grout.  And, of course, several fixtures are late.

I’m not complaining, just reporting.  The kitchen will be very nice when it’s done … probably a Monday Smile eventually, but not this week.  For now, the project has significantly disrupted our routine … and you know how seniors love their routines.   I’ve been lethargic and grouchy and … gasp … unproductive.   And to top it all, I’ve been rubbing Androgel all over my shoulders for over a week (something Common in Older Men) and I’m not Superman yet.  But Sunday, we got to sleep in.  And when I woke up, I went to the park.  I wrote and listened to music and took an extra long walk.  Sometimes, I’m in the park so much that I’m sure, some people think I live there.  You know, that old guy who lives in his car.  The one that meets the cute older woman to walk?  Anyway, it was nice to be there Sunday … and my Monday Smiles are my Sunday Morning in the Park Smiles.   Here are just a few of them.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 2/4/2013”

  1. Ah yes, home renovations… they are fabulous when they’re completed, but living through them is very rough. It drives me totally insane when my routine get disrupted, so I totally feel your pain! And you’re right eating out every night gets really old, really fast.

    Also, this made me laugh, “How can watching other people work hard be so exhausting?” – it’s funny because it’s true.

    PS: Love the pictures!

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