Monday Smiles – 2/11/2013

lightsIn 1999, I retired from big industry.   With a colleague, I started a consulting business that for a few years, exceeded beyond our wildest expectations.  That allowed us to move from our house of 31 years … in a declining neighborhood … to an almost new house in Anaheim Hills.   We completely refurnished the house with new furniture.  Truth be told, we acted as if the success would last forever, perhaps spending more and saving less than we should have, a mistake somewhat mitigated by the bargain we got on the house.   Of course, when the economy slowed in 2008 … and a number of clients were bought out by larger companies … our business declined, and we had to start behaving like the middle class couple that we are.  When business went south, the next home improvement on Muri’s list was granite counters in the kitchen.  It was something she really wanted to do and ever since, I’ve hoped for a financial upturn so we could.

This year, the incredibly low interest rates allowed us to refinance our house, taking out enough cash to do the kitchen without increasing our house payments.  We got a recommendation for a company with the interesting name of Perry Mason-ry to do the work, and set off for a consultation, carrying a chunk of granite Muri had been saving since 2008.   After searching several granite yards, we discovered it was called Peacock Green and we purchased several slabs.   We bought all new stainless steel appliances to replace the white ones that came with the house.  And for the last few three weeks, it’s been happening.  A royal pain, to tell the truth.   The tile back splash went in last week and the last appliance, the trash compactor, went in Saturday.  Don’t you just love thousand dollar trash cans?  And yesterday, I installed the under-cabinet lighting.  At sixty-eight I don’t take on too many home-improvement projects but I like still like to put my own touch on things.  It took about four hours and I’m sore from the waist up from reaching under the cabinets.  But I really like the way it came out.   Here’s a before, during and after of the project:







So, it’s Monday.  The kitchen is done.  We both love it.  I’m smiling.  Muri’s smiling.  And one of these days, Muri will let my son and I use it.  Only kidding.  Sort of.

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4 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 2/11/2013”

  1. Jealous as my business never took off, but not complaining, still hoping and happy for you both.

  2. cherperz Says:

    It’s beautiful Bud. Kudos to your choices.

  3. Soooo much better! Love it!

  4. territerri Says:

    It’s beautiful! We remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago and I remember what a huge inconvenience it was. But it is so worth it. After all, if I’m happy in my kitchen, I’m more likely to spend time there which works out nicely for everyone.

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