Valentines Day at 68

heartsIf you visit Bud’s Blog very often, you know that I am a sports fan, in spite of the excesses of many of our spoiled athletes.  And you know that when I am in the car, I often listen to sports talk radio, in spite of the sophomoric cast of characters younger listeners seem to prefer.  Why does sports talk have to sound like a junior high locker room??   For about three weeks, the local sports talk weenies have been hawking Valentines Day gifts guys can order online.  There are flowers … a dozen roses or two dozen plus chocolates for only $9.99 more.  There are chocolate covered strawberries.  There are teddy bears from Vermont.  There are chocolates with a diamond necklacechocolates hidden inside … the sparkle she sees will match the sparkle in her eyes.   And there’s the always popular pajama-gram, guaranteed to get your lady to take off her clothes.   And why should we run to our computers and order right away?  Well, according to these geniuses, the Number One reason is that you’ll be in real trouble if you forget Valentine’s Day … again.   Reason Two is that she’ll show her appreciation. They’re not talking about saying, Thank You.  Reason Three is to impress her friends (or co-workers if you have your gift delivered at work).   Note:  Telling your significant other you love her is nowhere in sight.  Apparently, the sports talk weenies are incapable of saying the L-word.  Yet, according to a survey conducted by Luth Research for the online flower purveyor, Pro Flowers, 91% of the men who give flowers on Valentines Day say they do so to show their love.  I suppose I just wanted to keep the old lady off my back wasn’t an option in the survey.

I know that many people, for a variety of reasons, dislike … or even hate … Valentines Day.  I know people who say, Why do I need a special day to tell my (insert significant other) that I love (insert gender of significant other)?   My answer would be because it’s all too easy forget do so in the middle of a busy life.  Then, I go into the local Hallmark store and read the cards for wives.  I have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful wife but, seriously, most of the messages are too over the top for me.   Not to mention that they begin with I know I don’t say I love you enough, something I’ve never been guilty of.

I can hardly remember Valentines Day before I met Muri (many) years ago.  From what I recall of my adolescence, I can’t imagine it was one of my favorites before that.  For most of our marriage, I said I love you like most men, with gifts and flowers and a carefully selected card.   Then, we switched mini-vacations in romantic places.  Eight years ago, while we were in a bed-and-breakfast on Valentines Day, our first grandson, Reed, was born and since that day, February 14 has been Reed’s Birthday first and Valentines Day second.  Muri and I still celebrate but it’s usually a day or two later.  Today, we are headed to Arizona for Reed’s eighth birthday and Friday, he will be baptized.   So, our Valentines Day will be Saturday, probably dinner and a movie. Valentines Day at 68 is low key.   At 68, as Carly Simon says in one of my favorite songs, it’s the slow and steady fire.

For the second year in a row, when I say Happy Valentine’s Day here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, I mean this:  May love grow in your life with each passing day.   May each day lessen the pain of love lost and increase the joy of love held.   May the love of those still with you and the memories of those departed temper your grief.   May you love fully and without reservation.  And, of course … to Muri: You are the Love of My Life.

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5 Comments on “Valentines Day at 68”

  1. Glenn Reed Says:

    message noted and appreciated

  2. cherperz Says:

    Having a grandchild on Valentine’s Day would make the day better, I think. I have nothing against the holiday but I don’t feel like we have to put aside a day for exchanging gifts to honor our love for each other. Everything I want is clearly demonstrated throughout the year. This is one of the holidays that I take more joy in watching the little kids make their lace hearts and dropping little cards in decorated shoe boxes. Now that is cute.

    It always makes me happy to hear about couples that have been together a long time that are still in love.

  3. Happy 8th Birthday, Reed!

    PS: The only reason I like Valentines Day is because it’s my parents wedding anniversary.

  4. territerri Says:

    I don’t like most of the Valentine’s cards for married couples either. I agree. Many are over the top. I had to search hard to find one that was “us.” His are usually silly. Mine tend to be simple and strait-forward. This year’s basically said, “You’re a great husband and I love you.”

    Happy Birthday to Reed! Enjoy your time with the kids!

  5. And -have to say it -I love this piece!

    For the past 10 years, Valentine’s Day has been a special day for me and my younger daughter because 10 years ago on this day is when she took a test that came back with positive results. Yep, she was pregnant with my second grandchild and that baby would be my granddaughter, Miss Maya. I felt very guilty through much of her pregnancy as I was not able to anticipate the event with the same joy and excitement as I had when older daughter had told us she was expecting the first grandchild -my prince, Alex. Circumstances were not great the spring, summer or fall of 2003 as a month after getting what was Mandy’s great good news, I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer and thus began radiation, chemo, surgery, two herniated discs (worse to deal with than all the radiation, surgery and chemo combined) and more chemo. It was not my best year until the day after Miss Maya arrived and I held her in my arms! That began the chain reaction that totally upended my life, turned everything around and upside down and became such a joyous thing. So, Mandy regards her big news that day and Miss Maya as Gram’s life saver and yes, she most certainly did that for me! Turned out to be the best Valentine’s Day gift I ever received!

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