Monday Smiles – 2/18/2013

candles1You don’t have to hunt around Bud’s Blog very much to know that our last name is Reed (it’s right there on the home page in the copyright statement).   And if you’ve been coming by here for a while, you know, our oldest grandson’s name is Reed.  That’s not a coincidence, of course, but a choice of my daughter and her husband as a way to honor our family name.  On Thursday, we drove to Arizona to celebrate Reed’s eighth birthday, which just happens to be on Valentine’s Day.   His otherhot head grandparents were in from Utah, too.   We don’t get to see them very often and it was really special for the kids to have all four grandparents there.  Our daughter made barbequed ribs at Reed’s request, along with au gratin potatoes and salad, then we finished it off with birthday cake.   Reed’s favorite gift from us was Hot Head, a Skylander.  Skylanders are characters that are part of a Wii action game that he loves.

Friday, Reed was baptized in the Church of the Latter Day Saints.  It is an important coming of age event for a Mormon boy, and although we are not, as they say, members, we were happy to be there for Reed.  The service was largely conducted by the family … even Maddux and Savy had parts.  We felt very welcomed and included, especially by my daughters parents-in-law.   Afterwards, we went back to my daughter’s house for home made chicken tortilla soup and the most amazing home made chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.  Eating at my daughter’s house is wonderful for my taste buds but not so good for my waistline.

Saturday morning, Reed had his first soccer game.   I coached both our kids for years, so being there with Reed for his first game meant a lot.  Before the game, Reed asked if I would pass the ball with him, and before long, Madduxsoccer had joined in, too.  I worked on passing and dribbling with Reed, but the forty year old inside my head forgot that he’s now driving a sixty-eight year old body.  I paid the price on Sunday morning but truthfully, I’d do it again.  Reed’s team, the Spartans, lost 6-0 but Reed did very well for his first game ever.  And I got to practice some of my sideline body English from my coaching days.

heartSaturday night, Muri and I got to finally celebrate Valentine’s Day with dinner at Ruths Chris Steakhouse.  I had the filet and Muri had a lobster tail with a petite filet with creamed spinach and potatoes Lyonnaise as the sides.  It was a lovely, quiet evening at the end of three busy days.  Sunday was recovery day … we hung around in our pajamas all morning, Muri reading and me posting, then headed out for a a walk around the local outdoor shopping center.   The weather here in Arizona is gorgeous at this time of year, hovering in the mid-seventies during the day and dipping into the comfortable fifties at night.   We picked up dinner from Olive Garden and rented a movie, Alex Cross, for after dinner.  And by 10:30 pm, we’d come full circle … Muri was reading and was writing this post.

And when you read this, it will be Monday.  We’ve got another week here with the grandkids.  And Older Eyes is smiling.

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4 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 2/18/2013”

  1. Very sweet. Enjoy your time. I was just talking to my dad this morning – he’s got my Youngest Neph (3) for the afternoon and presently Sister and BIL1 and Twin Nephs (5) are living with my parents (while they continue looking for a house). Sister 2 is due Saturday with BabyGirl, at which time my parents will keep Youngest Neph for a few days. Dad’s retirement isn’t quite going as he thought it would so far… haha.

  2. cherperz Says:

    That sound like a wonderful trip thus far. Isn’t it nice that your daughter’s in-laws are pleasant so all of you can celebrate these milestones together. Not everyone can say that. (we are lucky, too so I am cognizant when I see that in other families)

    That is an awesome idea of using your last name for your grandson’s first name. I hadn’t picked up on that even though I read both names on previous posts. That probably wouldn’t work with a lot of surnames but fantastic in your family’s case.

  3. Don’t we all tend to be smiling after any interactions with the grandkids? Unbeknownst to me -or to either of the other two ladies from our church who usually bring cameras with them to services, but yesterday, Miss Maya had yet another solo in the children’s anthem and not one of us had a camera along to video the event! And she did exceptionally well in this particular performance too. My daughter wasn’t aware she had a solo, nor was I, and boy, we were both disappointed that we had neglected to bring that trusty little camera along to preserve that memory. She did get loads of comments and words of congratulations though and her singing definitely brought tears to my old eyes too as she sang out with beautiful emphasis in her part. Just love seeing the grandkids blossom the way they both are doing and I know you are doing the same thing with your grandkids too. Proving once again why we call them “Grand” kids, right?

  4. Awwwwwwwww!! Happy 8th Birthday, Reed!

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