Friday Favorites 3/1/2013

androidvappleIf you follow Bud’s Blog, you know I sometimes talk about being an ABA-guy.  That doesn’t mean I played for the now-defunct American Basketball Association, it means I buy Anything But Apple.  My Inner Curmudgeon likes to make a big deal of it just to annoy Apple Fanboys but I really do understand why people choose iPhones.  Using an Android phone gives you remarkable flexibility to customize, modify, and choose but that flexibility means you sometimes have to be willing to tinker … and learn how to tinker … to get what you want.  Choosing Android also puts you in the Wild, Wild West of Android apps instead of the locked-down but reliable world Apple dictates.  A few months ago, my daughter bought an Android phone with my help … but within a few weeks, she’d sold it and gone back to the iPhone. I didn’t disown her … tinkering and the Wild, Wild West isn’t for everyone.  In case you’re interested, there is a short article on five reasons to buy an Android phone here and five reasons to buy an iPhone here. .

I also am a music lover, which makes my music app very important.   I carry much of my music collection with me and my Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket is frequently connected to either my car stereo or headphones.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that I selected the music app I currently use after  a lot of tinkering and several forays into the Wild West of the Google Play store.   The native music app which came with my phone (elegantly namedmusicplay1 Music Player) was a basic, no-frills app that sounded fine but had the annoy habit of creating duplicate versions of songs, doubly annoying since some of the versions wouldn’t play.  I figured out how to easily dump the duplicates but not how to keep them from musicplay2appearing. So, I switched to an app called Play Music (original!!) that didn’t create duplicates but didn’t handle tags very well.   Tags are the attributes attached to a music file indicating such things as album, title and artist.  I like to create my own albums with various artists instead of using playlists, and the way I do it is by modifying the tags of songs.  Since my homemade albums didn’t show up as albums it wasmusicplay3 sayonara,  Play Music.  I buy a lot of my music on Amazon, so I tried Amazon mp3 Player, which provided a seamless connection with the Amazon mp3 store but had the duplicate file issue.

The solution was: (1) spend some time researching music apps on the internet; and (2) spending a little cash ($3.99).   For my efforts, I was rewarded with Poweramp, a nice little app that converts my phone into a miniature stereomusicplay4 system.   It plays virtually every music file format and provides a choice of a ten band graphic equalizer or simpler bass and treble controls.  I particularly like the way it eliminates the silent gap between successive tracks that are so annoying with other players.  Everything is customizable via the settings menu and I can even edit the songs’ tags right on my phone.  Because it has a its own independent library function, it doesn’t create duplicate files.  And … not to be superficial … it looks great.


If you’re looking for a great Android music player, you can’t go wrong with this Friday’s Favorite, Poweramp.  Yes, I know … this was a very geeky Friday Favorite, so if you made it this far, you get a reward.  Meet a remarkable young artist, Diane Birch, performing with Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates Fame.  She has the potential to be a future Friday Favorite.

Enjoy and have a good weekend.

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites 3/1/2013”

  1. territerri Says:

    I’m not dedicated to Apple products, but I did get an iPhone, mainly because having become familiar with the iPod Touch, I’d have an idea of how to use the thing. When I bought my husband a tablet, I bought him a Toshiba Thrive, which uses Android technology, which was foreign to me after years of using Windows based products. But it sure sounds like it’s worth the effort to educate yourself and do some tinkering!

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