Tuesday night, my blogging friend, Trina, posted some lovely sunrise and sunset photos taken as she and her husband sailed northward along the coast from Florida.  I’m getting a bit old to get out of bed for sunrises but sunsets are another story.  Of sunsets, I am an aficionado.  Here in Socal, you’ll frequently see me stopped by the side of the road at twilight, watching the colors of the sky change while others speed by, oblivious to the best show in town.   Perhaps there is nothing else in life that is simultaneously so awe-inspiring and peaceful.   These sunsets are mostly from Maui, which may have the most beautiful sunsets in the world, along with some from the desert near San Tan Valley, Arizona, and from the skies around Anaheim Hills, California.  The music is Bliss by the group 2002, which can be found on Peace of Mind Music 2.  Enjoy … and have a peaceful Thursday.

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5 Comments on “Sunsets”

  1. You’re a sucker for water, too, I see. The zoom effect on the photos made it look like the water was moving. Very soothing. This made me realize how much I need the beach. Good for you, for stopping to watch the sunsets.

  2. absolutely fabulous.

  3. Not a sunset or sunrise comment here, Bud. but rather an observation my granddaughter and I shared earlier -Thursday afternoon, to be precise -when we took the dog out for a walk. As we walked out of the house, we were greeted by being pelted with sleet! Coming down very heavy, sky a very, dark gray with sort of purplish tinges above my residence. We walked down the road and by the time we came to the second house down from ours, the sleet had turned to just a few snow flurries and as Maya and I looked up again at the sky, we both noticed in the distance from us, the sky had layers of colors from big white fluffy clouds, to a pink streak and even bright blue sky showing through, abutting the gray-purple above our home. Another two houses down the road and there, surrounding the hillside on the edge of our street -more white puffy clouds, more blue sky and sunshine -glorious sunshine shining through. Looking back towards our house -no snow flurries and no sleet either! All that color and changes in precipitation in a matter of a few minutes of our walk and it was beautiful to see the changes so distinctly too! (Only problem was I didn’t think to take my camera with me today! Bummer, huh?)

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