Older Eyes’ Day Off

sickYou may or may not have noticed, but there were no posts here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog on either Tuesday or Wednesday.   Monday afternoon, after Muri and I finished delivering Meals on Wheels, my stomach began to hurt and by evening, I had a low grade headache working.  You can ask Muri, I’ve always been a baby when I don’t feel well.  Lately being sick just makes me feel old.  Which, of course, I am but who wants to feel it?   So, Monday night, I watched an old movie with no laptop to keep me company.  As fortune would have it, Tuesday, I had a doctor’s appointment.  The good doctor seemed unimpressed with myferris symptoms, saying, There’s a lot going around.  Just take it easy and drink a lot of fluids.  So, I took Tuesday off.   I read until I was tired then took a nap.  I took a very leisurely walk in the park, subsisted on chicken soup, English muffins and bananas then watched a Star Trek movie before retiring early.  And I didn’t post … again.   Older Eyes’ Day Off pales in comparison to Ferris Beuller’s, doesn’t it?

The problem is, of course, that it wasn’t a day off … it was a sick day.   When I was an employee of big business, I would occasionally take a day off and go to the beach … or to the mountains … and just relax.  I worked hard and wasn’t embarrassed to call in sick when I was really just sick of working.  I also had forgiving bosses who appreciated the work I did most days.   The problem is, for 14 years, I’ve been self-employed … and even when it comes to my recreations and avocations, I’m driven.  My boss … me … is always around.  I fill my supposed days off with errands, things to write and shoulds.  In her book on recovering your inner artist, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron speaks of a kriya, a Sanskrit word for a spiritual emergency or surrender.  A kriya may be an emotional breakdown or an illness, our psyche’s way of getting our attention.  It may be saying, You need to let go of that problem that’s not really your business.  Or, You need to stop butting heads with that colleague who you’re never going to change anyway.   Or maybe, You really need to take a day off.  A real day off.

OEBeachI know what a real day off looks like … I posted about one in The Heck With It! almost three years ago, when I dropped everything and went to the beach for the day.   This is a crazy week.  I have our tax appointment on Monday and our company security inspection on Tuesday and I’m ready for neither.  I may not be able to say The Heck With It! before Wednesday.   But there’s a day off coming.  Mark my words.   You’ll read about it here, too.  But a day later.

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2 Comments on “Older Eyes’ Day Off”

  1. Muriel Reed Says:

    What a sad little kitty…looks just about the way you did at the beginning of the week!! Glad you are doing better:).

  2. cherperz Says:

    Of course, I noticed you didn’t post.

    Are you feeling better or are you just still trying to get better while doing all the various things that are hanging over your head? I hope it is the former and you have recovered.

    I relate to the pressure one feels when self employed. As we are in the same boat, I was under the gun to get our tax stuff in yesterday. UGH!

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