Monday Smiles – 3/25/2013

I rolled in from this weekend’s Men’s Retreat at four Sunday afternoon, and as I usually do, I took a short nap.  Two nights of late meetings and late bull sessions … plus a three hour drive each way … wear me out.  I came into the retreat with no big issues to address … unless you count some depression, some anxiety and more than a little Feeling Old.   But being in a beautiful place … the Santa Barbara Mission Renewal Center … with this odd collection of guys talking about spirituality and a better way to live has surprising power.   I returned home feeling better with my enthusiasm for life restored.

captain americaSo, I had Sunday evening to rest and today to get ready to go on the road again Tuesday, this time to San Tan Valley, Arizona to celebrate the birthdays of both my lovely daughter and my grandson, Maddux.  Would it be wiser for an old guy who’s been Feeling Old to slow down a bit?  Maybe, but seeingpirate those grandkids has amazing power, too, and I can’t wait to see Maddux wearing his birthday present, a Captain America costume, including shield.  You see, for Christmas, we bought a princess costume for Savy and a pirate for Maddux.  My daughter says they dress up and stage a little drama in which the princess is kidnapped by the pirate and taken to his ship.   Don’t you think every drama needs a hero like Captain America to rescue the princess?  So, Tuesday morning, off we go again.

But today, it’s Monday and I’m smiling … again.

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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 3/25/2013”

  1. Reading about your Mission Retreats really makes me very envious! Wishing I had someplace to go where there were actual people to share a conversation with about probably just about any topic a person could want. That would be such a switch from what life is like here at home these days as the only time I get to converse with anyone seems to be for about 5-10 minutes after the Sunday church service with maybe 2 or 3 other parishioners and amounts usually to a brief comparison of aches and pains! Yes, I’m in a mood and a very big blue funk for sure and I should be thanking my lucky stars though that at least I do have the grandkids -for a while yet anyway -to chat with me. And also, I do know -but have conveniently overlooked it right now -“This too shall pass.” Just not soon enough to suit me.

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