Easter on the Road

eggsThis morning, we will close up our Little House in the Desert and prepare to head back to California.  On the way out of town, we will make our usual stop at Paradise Bakery for lunch.  But this time we’ll also be bringing lunch to my daughter’s family on the way out of town because they are too sick to go out.  Wednesday, we had to cancel going out for Amy’s birthday because she was sick.  Thursday, the boys, Reed and Maddux came for the night.  We played games and watched moviesgoggles and let them stay up too late, as usual, and Friday we took them to our community pool.  Friday afternoon, we traded them for Savy.  In the middle of the night, I heard a tiny voice from the foot of our bed … Papa, I need some help.  I was sick on the floor in the bathroom.  Most of the rest of Savy’s visit was spent sleeping and Muri stayed with her while I went to Reed’s soccer game. You guessed it … by the end of the game, Reed was feeling sick, too.   It’s been that kind of visit.  Not much of a grandkid fix for this old soul but it will have to do ’cause we’re outa here, popping our echinacea and keeping our fingers crossed.

passover bunnyOn this gorgeous Arizona morning, I realize I’ve let most of Passover pass by without a word.   And here it is, Easter.  Easter on the Road.  No coconut eggs for me, just 391 miles of freeway, mostly in the MFN*.  Wah, wah wah.  Yeah, Call the freakin’ wahmbulance**.   Anyway, Happy Passover and/or Happy Easter to everyone.  Have a lovely Sunday.  Hopefully, an hour out of town and our trip will turn into a Date Drivin and I’ll be smilin’ by Monday.

* Middle of Freakin’ Nowhere

** 12-Step for Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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