Monday Smiles – 4/1/2013

Well, it’s been fun.   Really.     But I’ve finally realized that this blogging business is wasting too much time that I should be using to seek gainful employment.    And for what, a  few tens of readers, ninety percent of which are lurkers?   Looking back over my posts as I get ready to shut down Older Eyes, I realize what ego it takes to think that my life story, my meager spirituality, and my perspectives are of any value to anyone but me.    The answer to the question I posed on my home page … sage, curmudgeon, fool? … would seem to be fool.   I have a few other posts written which I’ll post during the week, a sentimental goodbye, I suppose … one last hurrah for my ego, then on Friday it’s the Delete Blog button for Bud.   To those who have taken the time to read my posts, thanks.   I hope you find what you’re looking for in the blogosphere.

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3 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 4/1/2013”

  1. I ain’t clickin’. I can see what’s coming from a mile away! 🙂

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