Monday Smiles – 4/22/2013


When Muri and I were first married, we lived in Warren, Rhode Island.  It was a time when engineering was a growing profession and the Raytheon Submarine Signal Division, where I worked in Portsmouth, was hiring dozens of young engineers.  Muri worked as a social worker in Providence, also among many young people.  As a result, it was a great time for a newly married couple to make friends and there were none closer than Don and Jackie.  Don was my office-mate, and because he and I commuted to Boston for school after work, Muri and Jackie began spending that time together.   It’s my experience that couple-friends are usually slightly more his or hers … Don and Jackie were ours.  When they moved back to the San Diego area, we followed, settling in the Los Angeles area.  For a period of about ten years, we were like family, raising our kids and celebrating holidays together.  It was simply the best couple friendship ever.  Then, it was over.  Don and Jackie were divorced.  We we didn’t consciously choose sides but as so often happens, we lost touch with Don.  Jackie remained one of our best friends, probably because she and Muri were so close.

I rarely get to see Jackie anymore, but Muri sees her several times a year, at least.  For one, they usually get together when I go on my twice-a-year men’s retreat and they sometimes meet halfway between LA and San Diego for lunch.   But Saturday morning, Muri and I were up early to take the drive down the 5 Freeway along the coast toward San Diego to see her new place in the pretty coastal town of Solana Beach.  Her daughter, who is our God-daughter, came by with her two children to see us, then we set out for an afternoon out and about.  We had lunch at Milton’s Deli and wandered through some eclectic little stores in Del Mar.  Then we drove to the beach and found a picnic table in the shade.  It was the kind of positive Slowing Down that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  We just sat and talked of family and life.  Because Muri and Jackie see each other more regularly, their conversations have a cast of characters I don’t know.   Sometimes, I’d ask who they were talking about but usually, I just listened … occasionally checking out entirely to listen to the surf roll in.  There were people to watch and an occasional formation of pelicans overhead.  We finished the afternoon at Rimel’s Bar and Grill, a noisy little bistro where they were featuring fresh halibut.  I had mine in a sandwich … Jackie and Muri had theirs in fish tacos.  Then we went back to Milton’s to pick up dessert.  Carrot cake for Muri and Jackie, a poppy seed hamentashen for me.

solana beach

It was an easy, relaxing afternoon in a beautiful place with my two favorite ladies.  What more could an old guy ask for?   It’s Monday.  I’m smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 4/22/2013”

  1. Poppy seed hamentashen?! Hope you don’t have a drug test anytime soon… 😉

  2. “It was an easy, relaxing afternoon in a beautiful place with my two favorite ladies. What more could an old guy ask for?”

    How fabulous!!!

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