Knowing Where to Look


If you’ve been coming around Bud’s Blog for long, you’ve read about my mornings in the place I often call My Park.  My park is really Yorba Regional Park, a mile and a half of grass, trees and lakes tucked between busy La Palma Avenue and the Santa Ana River.  Situated as it is next to the river, it provides access to the Santa Ana River Bike Trail, which goes all the way to the beach, a distance of over 20 miles.  The proximity to the river also brings an assortment of water fowl to a park that might otherwise just see park ducks.  If you’ve seen any photos from my walks, you may picture an idyllic setting, away from the hustle and bustle of life.  You’d be wrong.  This is, after all, Southern California.  Not only is La Palma Avenue a busy, noisy neighbor, the 91 Freeway, one of the busiest freeways in Socal runs parallel to the Santa Ana River, so there is almost always the drone of traffic.  The park is heavily used on weekends, and often weekend park visitors leave trash in My Park.  There are certain days, like the day after Easter, that I don’t even go there.  Fortunately, the park staff does a remarkable job of cleaning up and in a day or two, it looks good again.

My point is this.  If Yorba Regional Park is going to be My Park, I have to practice Knowing Where to Look.  Depending on where I look, I can see either:

this 1

Standing in the same spot on the river path, I can notice:

this 2

and walking along the brook that runs between the lakes, I can see:

this 3

If I practice Knowing Where to Look, my walk in the park looks like this:

I can’t make my life idyllic by Knowing Where to Look, either, but it certainly can improve the view.

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2 Comments on “Knowing Where to Look”

  1. territerri Says:

    Your park is a bit like my suburban neighborhood. There’s a great pedestrian path that I can walk for several miles. There are woods and ponds along the way. I’ve seen ducks, geese, deer and even a coyote. The path also crosses over a busy freeway and runs parallel to some high traffic streets. So like you, I have to look for the peaceful stuff among all the chaos.

  2. Very interesting how different the views are in the Left & Right side by side shots.

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