Monday Smiles – 4/29/2013

mahiFor quite a few years now, Sunday and Tuesday nights have been my nights to cook dinner.   Tuesday nights, Muri walks with her walking group and I have my Tuesday Men’s Meeting, so dinner is usually simple … something from the BBQ, a starch and something green like asparagus or zucchini.  But Sundays, if we’re around in the afternoon, I get to experiment.  Yesterday, the Lakers game wasn’t on until four in the afternoon.  Since most of the Lakers’ starting lineup and several of their best bench players were injured, the game was unlikely to demand my full attention … I could keep track of what was going on from the kitchen and pop in if anything unexpected happened.  There were three nice mahi-mahi filets in the freezer, so I went looking for a new recipe on the internet*.  I foundespinacacatalana Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Lemon and Capers, which is marinated in a mixture of spices, lemon juice and chopped capers. Sounded yummy.  On the same page was a picture of an interesting chickpea salad.  I tracked down a recipe for Spanish Chickpea Salad with Capers and Roasted Peppers.  Perfect.  Now for something green.  How about Espinacas a la Catalana … sauteed spinach with raisins and pine nuts?  Muri loves pine nuts.  And capers.

I confess, my experiments are not always a success.  Sometimes, the recipes are entirely too much work for the results they deliver.  Sometimes, I don’t time things right and this ends up cold and that ends up overdone.  Sometimes, we just don’t like what I make.  But yesterday, in spite of scrambling in and out of the kitchen to check up on the Lakers**, everything came together on time.  And everything looked just like it had on the recipe pages.  And the kitchen wasn’t too much of a disaster.  (Yes, I clean up on the nights I cook. Yes, Muri comes by later to clean up those little details that male eyes just can’t see).   And best of all, the recipes were good.  The taste of the lemon and capers really permeated the filets and the mint in the chickpea salad gave it an interesting flavor.  We both liked everything.

I love when that happens.  It’s Monday and Chef Older Eyes is smiling.

* Links to the recipes:  Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Lemon and Capers, here;  Spanish Chickpea Salad with Capers and Roasted Peppers, here; and Espinacas a la Catalana, here.

** Yes, the Lakers lost.  Sigh.  But I’m still smiling.  There’s always next year.

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3 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 4/29/2013”

  1. Glad to hear everything was enjoyed by all. 🙂

  2. Hooray for a cooking experiment gone well!

  3. Congrats on adding to the cooking repertoire! I love discovering a great new meal.

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