TSTWe live in remarkable times.  We have remarkable technology all around us.   We carry computing power and communications capabilities in our pockets that would have filled a room when I graduated from college back in the Pleistocene Epoch.   You’d think all that technology would make our society Better.  Well, it’s Top Sites Tuesday #202 – where we get to offer Two Thoughts on just about anything.  My Inner Curmudgeon’s been watching TV commercials again and it looks to him like technology is making us Worse.   Check out, for example, this new commercial by Samsung for its new Galaxy S4 smartphone:

Let’s review.  While Benjamin Braddock celebrated his graduation by being seduced by Mrs. Robinson, college graduate Scott takes pictures of the ribs his Dad’s cooking, a Dad who thinks he can smell the ribs in the picture.  Dad’s also very impressed that Junior can answer his S4 without touching it and control the TV.  Dad needs to get out more.  Naturally, Mom and Dad’s middle-aged friends are technologically clueless, trying to touch-transfer files with their iPhones and wondering why some smartphones are smarter than others.  Well, it’s the same reason that some people are smarter than others, you see.   And of course, the bikini-clad redhead by the pool thinks it’s just awesome that her friend can read a mindless text without touching her phone.  Thought Number One: Remember when seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was awesome? See what I mean?  Worse.  Now, how about this?

Not to be outdone by Samsung, AT&T and HTC place a not-too-bright, very rude woman in an art gallery playing with her smartphone during a guided tour.   She imagines that Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus shows her cheese-puff eating, dorky friends, then that a sculpture of Venus is her ditzy friend texting a picture of her new haircut.  Thought Number TwoThis might be funny if those of us with a brain didn’t actually have to put up with people like this.  A week ago, I had to ask two similarly rude young women to stop playing with their phones during a performance of Tchiakovsky’s Violin Concerto.  Like I say, Worse.

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6 Comments on “Worse”

  1. liggybee Says:

    Oh yeah…I have noticed a lot more of these technology commercials lately…and many of them are really quite annoying. I don’t know if you guys see the series of Cox High Speed Internet commercials that feature a storyline on this family that made the switchover. The father is extremely annoying – it’s no wonder his family and neighbors dislike him!!! Even if he is just showing his enthusiasm for the hi-speed service, who wants to hang around a man like that?!

  2. cherperz Says:

    I try to avoid commercials when I can but I, too have noticed the influx of commecials dealing with smart phones and cellular carriers. Those AT&T commercials with the guy talking to the kids is played at least 3 or more times during every show. Hate it!!

    The second commercial is particularly stupid. UGH!


  3. I avoid all commercials because I know that they are made so a grammar school child could understand them. You see I used to do advertising. They are done like this so most people can understand them and will want to buy their product.

    Love and Blessings,

  4. Trina Says:

    I don’t care how many features the smart phones have, a stupid commercial is a stupid commercial. Makes me glad we don’t watch live TV around here. Really not sure what the second commercial was selling and didn’t get the point of the whole thing… maybe I’m not smart enough for the smart phone commercials LOL


  5. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    You’re right, technology is making things worse. It’s not just the bad commercials either, people don’t know how to spell because they text so much. I’m working with a guy that like to text instead of call and talk about the job… I spend more time typing and trying to figure things out than I would in a short conversation… definitely WORSE.

    Clicks for you!

  6. Derek Zenith Says:

    I think technology just makes us more what ever we were before. Khan Academy is a teacher using technology to be a better teacher. And then there are the people in the ads…

    By the way, I run a blog called Zenith Edition, which has just moved here from Blogger. We riff on commercials, too, and we could always use new readers!


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