Monday Smiles – 5/13/2013

twinkle toesFor the years my daughter, Amy, was in high school we spent much of our weekend driving to and from dance competitions and watching hours of dance routines starring girls we didn’t know just to catch a few minutes of our daughter performing.  I built sets and helped with set-up and tear down.   We suffered with her when she didn’t make the high school team and celebrated with her when she did.   We have many memories from those years, some the thrill of victory and some the agony of defeat (or de feet, literally).  So, in spite of the triple-digit-temperatures season being underway here in Arizona, we’re not going to miss our granddaughter Savy’s second dance recital.  On Friday, her Dad was off camping with the boys, so Muri and I got to take Amy and Savy out to dinner, then bring Savy back to our house for the night.  Savy literally keeps us laughing from the moment she gets into the car.  She loves to talk and loves to pick up the expressions … and exact tone of voice of the adults around her, which is either hilarious or hilarious and embarrassing.  Savy always wins my heart but this time she outdid herself, announcing for no particular reason that, I believe in Papa, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  Elite company, indeed.  I hope I get to stick around after she stops believing in those other guys.

The recital was Saturday night at a local church and featured seven classes of both ballet and tap, meaning we … and the two grandsons … got to sit through fourteen numbers, only two of which featured Savy.   At this age it’s mostly cuteness, not dancing skills, so until someone you know appears on the stage the numbers are a continual mix of pandemonium and unsynchronized dance.  Maddux, who seems to have an eye for the girls even at five, mostly watched, while Reed mostly talked my ear off, betting me I didn’t know the words to songs like Surfer Girl and Thank Heaven (for Little Girls).  Bad bets, Reed … Papa knows more lyrics than just about anyone.  Savy got to sit and watch between her numbers.


When she was called up to be on-deck, Amy would take her to the door stage right and I’d scramble to get a seat up front to take pictures.  The dance teacher wisely reserved the front row for parents and grandparents of the children in the current number.  Savy tap danced to the the Hawaiian Roller Coaster and danced ballet to When I Grow Up.   Here’s the tap number, chosen because Savy’s up front.  She’s the cutie in the center of the picture who’s always right on cue.  The other girls are off.  🙂   Yes, I just used a smiley in a post … my granddaughter does that to me.

SAVY BEAR.Afterwards, her Mom gave her a bear with an outfit she’d made that exactly matched Savy’s ballet costume, right down to the lavender tutu and we gave her a sparkly dancer necklace.   And a good time was had by all, especially Savy.  She loves it on stage.  And especially Papa.  He loves it when she loves it on stage.  It’s Monday … I’m smiling.

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2 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 5/13/2013”

  1. territerri Says:

    I think it would be almost impossible not to use a smiley when writing a post such as this. Savy is just too cute for words and definitely seems to have rhythm. Adorable. Just adorable.

  2. What ever would we grandparents do without the entertainment that comes from the grandkids? Maya is, again, participating with the local kids theatre company in a play (don’t recall the name of it offhand now) to be performed the end of June. She does quite well in these productions which amazes me as she seems not to be all that concerned with memorizing her parts or the dance routines and yet, when show time rolls around, she excels in both aspects. She also sings in our children’s choir at church too and this coming Sunday will be a service where I already informed my son that it would be nice if he could shelve is agnostic attitude for one day and attend that service so he can see his niece and her peers do two songs. One of which is a hymn that the kids will sing I think 2 verses in English and then, repeat the first verse in Swedish -which will all set those in our parish of Swedish ancestry’s hearts a twitter, for sure!

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