Monday Smiles – 5/20/1944

happy_birthday_to_youIf you were one of the 65 people who stopped by yesterday, you know that this is my birthday, hence the date in the title.  Yes, 1944.  Sixty-nine years ago, a two-month premature baby boy was born into this world in New Haven, Connecticut, delivered C-section because my mother was suffering from toxemia.  Fortunately, the experience ended well for both of us.  If you’ve been a reader since the beginning of Bud’s Blog, you know that Older Eyes started as a place to talk about Feeling Older as my sixty-fifth birthday approached. The arrival of my Medicare card before my sixty-fifth birthday was traumatic after helping manage my father’s Medicare issues for many years but I was upbeat in my sixty-fifth birthday post, Turning Sixty-Five.  Each year, I’ve posted on my birthday, sometimes a bit cranky, like Sixty-Freakin’ Six.  Last Year it was Fifty-Eighteen, so I guess technically, this year I’m fifty-nineteen.  This  birthday feels like a bit of a non-event but I’m already wondering how it will feel to be sixty-ten.  Yikes.  THAT can wait a year.

Today will be low key.  I did find a new toy for Muri to give me, a Logitechkeyboard1 Bluetooth Keyboard that will work with my smartphone or Nexus Tablet.  I posted Saturday’s post from the park using the Swype keyboard on my Samsung Galaxy and don’t you know that’s a pain in the you-know-where.  I’m anxious to try out my new keyboard so you may be seeing a few more posts from the park.  Maybe even today … we’ll probably spend some birthday time there if the weather’s not too hot.  And Muri’s making me a nice dinner and an apple pie bday pie… absolutely the best apple pie in the world, I’d add.  My grandkids and daughter will probably call today to sing me Happy Birthday and I’ve already had a handful of greetings on Facebook.  Wednesday night, we’re going out to dinner with our theater friends, Ron and Kerry, to celebrate.  Family and friends are a large chunk of what life is about.

In the circles I travel, I have met people who have spent substantial parts of their life feeling unloved.  Searching for love.  Searching for more love.  I suppose that all of us can occasionally feel that way on our down days.  But for sixty-nine years, I have always known in my heart that people love me.  The friends and family that have given me that gift are what I celebrate today.  You know who you are.  I love you, too.  It’s Monday … I’m smiling.


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8 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 5/20/1944”

  1. Derek Zenith Says:

    Hey, happy birthday!

  2. RedheadCarol Says:

    Happy Fifty-Nineteenth Birthday!! It’s your last birthday as a teen. Next year you’ll be Fifty-Twenty, which is a bit muddy. But hang in there, because once you turn Fifty-Twenty-One, you’ll finally be of legal age to drink and you can celebrate the beginning of your life as a young adult. For the second time, which is always better than the first, since now you actually do know better.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy the company of the ones you love and enjoy the best apple pie in the world!

    • oldereyes Says:

      Or sixty-ten. Which sounds worse?

      • RedheadCarol Says:

        I like fifty-twenty better. I don’t know. The idea of something-twenty sounds better than the idea of being something-ten. When you’re ten you’re a kid, you can’t really do much. When you’re twenty you have more freedom but you’re still young enough to get away with a lot of crazy ideas. I’m for sure going to adopt your system and start counting like that when time comes. Plus, fifty is half of a century, and I like that as a starting point for a second phase of our lives.

  3. cherperz Says:

    Happy Birthday, Bud!!! I am so sorry that I am late getting to the Internet today. Hope you enjoyed spending time with your loved ones and I am sure your family and friends enjoyed sharing time with you on this occasion of your fifty-nineteenth birthday.

    There is nothing better than a birthday pie especially when it it the best one in the world.

  4. Hope you had a great birthday. Regardless of how it is celebrated, and whether it is welcomed or not, don’t we all kind of look at it as something amazing and incredible that we have now achieved such a high number of them by now? Mine is coming up in October -same number of years to report as you now have. Maybe it will be my lucky year that I’ve been waiting a long, long time for it to appear!

  5. Patty Hembree Says:

    Here it is YOUR birthday time and yet you are not receiving gifts from us, your readers. Instead,YOU are giving all of us a most beautifully unique gift…the sharing of what is in the heart and mind of a truly good and incredibly expressive, and interesting man! Not only is your gift to us given every day vs one day a year, but it is the rarest of the rare jewels amongst men – feelings described and spoken. Am trying to say happy birthday time/thank-you/you are valued and appreciated, albeit all wrapped up in my usual bad grammar manner. Oh, and Muri sounds like a beautiful person as well. Life is sweet.

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