I’m having a very busy day with my vocation … engineering … so I thought I’d skip my avocation … blogging … for Thursday, but I found these videos from the NBA Easter Conference Finals that are just too funny not to share.  Today, the NBA fined LeBron James of the Miami Heat and David West of the Indiana Pacers $5000 for a rare double flop:

If James’ and West’s acting isn’t bad enough, check out Lance Stephenson’s flop from a phantom elbow from the same game, which also brought a $5000 fine.

Muri and I see a lot of theater and an actor would be booed off even a community theater stage for performances like this.  What’s particularly funny is that the announcers seemed to be fooled.  If you have any doubts that they are flops, you can see them replayed in slo-mo at Fox Sports, here.

As a member of that rare club, American Soccer Fans, I get tired of hearing people talk about American Soccer Haters talking about how much soccer players flop.  At least when soccer players go down, there’s some contact.   These guys belong in Les Ballet Trocadero de Monte Carlo:

In case you’re not familiar with Ballet Trocadero, it is a troupe of male ballerinas that parodies real ballet.   Anyway, have a fun Thursday and tune into the NBA Eastern Conference Finals for more incredible athleticism tonight.

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3 Comments on “Flopperoos”

  1. Derek Zenith Says:

    Parodies real ballet? All I saw was performing more ballet.

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