Monday Smiles – 7/24/2013


I seem to be beating the Chop Wood, Carry Water theme to death this week, but with my brother, Glenn still in the hospital and improving slowly, it is a good theme to be beating.  On Sunday, I heard from my sister-in-law, George Ann, that my sister, Patti and Glenn’s daughter, Linda, have made it to Mentor, which will surely help both Glenn and George Ann.  And, as I said last week, there’s been plenty of wood to chop and water to carry.   Figuratively.  We do have indoor plumbing and I’m too old for chopping wood.  But my business has been brisk and on Sunday, friends from Connecticut were coming for brunch.  My Inner Curmudgeon likes to grumble when we have to spruce up the yard (there are actually no spruces) but both of us enjoy getting our hands dirty and seeing how nice the yard can look when properly attended to.  So, Saturday morning on the way home from the park, I stopped at Home Despot for supplies.  That’s not a typo … I’m fond of renaming stores – haven’t you ever heard of Bed, Bath and Beneath?  I bought annuals for my flower pots, bulbs for the lanterns out front, a new kitty-cat planter for the barbeque and paint to touch up the family room wall … Sahara, it said on the can.  It didn’t match the Sahara on the wall, however, but it was close enough … for now.  Most of my afternoon was spent putzing in the yard.

Joann and Pierre had never been to our house and it’s always interesting to see our home through new eyes.  Upon arriving Sunday, JoAnn scored big in the first quarter, immediately raving about how beautiful our yard looked.  Even accounting for JoAnn’s flair for drama, it was gratifying to me … and my Inner Curmudgeon actually decided to stay In.  Not only did JoAnn appreciate my hard work, the neighborhood critters showed up en masse … there were quail, including a newly hatched brood, rabbits, blue jays, goldfinches, orioles and our neighborhood Western Towhee.  Muri prepared a lovely brunch of bagels and lox.  The visit was short but enjoyable.  Then we crashed for the afternoon, stirring only to go our for dinner at On the Border, Muri’s favoritemargarita Mexican Restaurant.  Ah, yes, a Sangria Swirl Margarita … large … for me.  During times like this, busy is good.  Friends are good.  And taking time to appreciate our yard is good.  So this week’s Monday Smile is a short video tour of our yard to the tune of the neighborhood Mockingbird.  Yes, he was also my Friday Favorite.  What can I say?  I can say, It’s Monday.  I”m smiling.


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