grouchWe sometimes pay our son to do odd jobs around the house and over the weekend, he did the windows so they would be clean on Sunday when our company arrived.  This morning, there was a note on my wallet from Muri reminding me to pay him.  Grumble, grumble.  How much do we usually pay him? I asked her.  Instead of answering, she ran off to see if he’d done her office window.  He didn’t do this window, she said when I caught up with her, and I told him to be sure he did it.   I said, Men don’t like to follow instructions perfectly … and they hate notes.   Just tell me how much we pay him.  Not good.  On the way to the park, I went to Costco.  Some days it seems like every idiot in town shows up at one time and my Inner Curmudgeon was roasting every one of them.  I quickly purchased what I needed, picked up a piece of pizza to have for lunch then continued on to the park.  While I was eating, a man walking a furry little rat-dog let it loose to chase a gaggle of Canada geese that were minding their own business on the shore by the lake.  Of course, if one of the geese had pecked Yappee’s eye out, the owner would have been in the Ranger’s office demanding Goosicide.  Idiot, I shouted, my Inner Curmudgeon just hoping he’d come over.  He didn’t.

You might guess that the reason I was in the park was that I knew I was grouchy and therefore wanted to stay away from anyone I love … or even like.   And being grouchy is the topic here on Top Sites Tuesday #209.   Twenty-five years ago,TST my grouchy moods were the product of something life … they … YOU … were doing to me.  Not my problem, not my fault, not mine.  Then someone pointed out to me … Thought Number Oneif you’re having a day when you’re at war with the world, the common denominator is you.  Hmmm. Sad but true.  Fortunately, these days, though, I don’t have to wait a full day to realize I’m grouchy.   My Inner Curmudgeon is my early warning system that the grouchies have set in, which is Thought Number TwoWhen he starts taking himself seriously instead of being a stand-up act on Bud’s Blog, it’s time to head to the park … alone.  Maybe time to write about being grouchy.  Sometimes when I do, by the time I’m done, the grouchies are gone … and even if they’re not, I have a post written. Like Yesterday.  But don’t tell my Inner Curmudgeon, OK?  It would just kill him if he knew he helps me be less grouchy.

So, how do you tell when you’re grouchy?  But before you tell me, take a minute to push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #209.

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9 Comments on “Grouchy”

  1. Cheryl P. Says:

    I, too, like my solitude when I am grouchy….although…I don’t mind having my husband hang around because he knows me and is very considerate to let me “come around” at my own pace. AND I guess , I tend to be less grumpy in his company.

    I hope the outing to the park had the desired effect to bring you some peace and restored calm..well after the loose dog chasing after the geese subsided..


    • oldereyes Says:

      Muri and I both recover from grumpiness better alone … she’s always know that but it took her a lot of years to teach me the same. That said, Monday night when we both a little grumpy, we went to the movies and watched Superman beat the crap our of General Zov. Very therapeutic.

  2. territerri Says:

    I need to find a place to go be with my grouchy self. When I’m in that state around others, it just fuels my bad mood.

    You managed to pull off a grouchy post with humor! Hope it really did help shift your mood to something more positive.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Yep, you got it. And our park is perfect. The post was humorous, of course, because most people consider my Inner Curmudgeon a funny guy. Muri would beg to differ but she has to live with him.

  3. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    I find that I’m grouchier as I get older. Things that used to not bother me aren’t funny anymore. I find myself grumbling and being short with people when I speak. Sometimes it helps to go mow the lawn (but only if the tractor works – if it doesn’t I get grouchier)

    For the most part, getting a good night’s sleep does the trick.. well, that and picking on Trina.


    • oldereyes Says:

      That is indeed The First Law of Aging: older=grouchier. That is why they invented the word curmudgeon. Oh, pick on Trina so she’s grouchy too? Is that the misery loves company theory of marriage? 🙂

  4. Trina Says:

    When I get grouchy, I nit-pick. The bills need to be paid, the floor needs vacuuming, the garden needs tilling, the dishes need washing. Something wasn’t put away right. Something is no longer where I put it. I grumble, I’m sassy. I’m arrogant and quippy.

    But it never lasts long. Life’s too short to be grouchy all day and I can normally change my mood by changing what I’m doing or by doing something and feeling like I accomplished a task. Sometimes getting out of being grumpy is as simple as reading and taking my mind off whatever it is that made me grumpy. I agree, letting your IC out to blog help a lot too!

    Clicks for you

    • oldereyes Says:

      Yes, I suppose that is why writing works for me. Looking at the grumpiness and realizing it’s mine, it start to seem funny, and it’s hard to stay grumpy when you’re laughing.

  5. I’m finding that my anxiety contributes to my grouchiness pretty significantly. I don’t know if it’s always been that way, but now that I’m more in tune with the anxiety levels, I’m better able to identify when the grouchiness is touched off by the anxiety and when it’s independent of it. As you point out, when I’m the common denominator in a world full of Stupid, I know I’ve got a problem. Those are my Sit Quietly days. If I open my mouth, nothing good will come out, so I just sit quietly.

    That said: if the anxiety isn’t contributing to the grounchiness, well… then it’s a Jean-Paul Sartre, Hell Is Other People day.

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