Old Friends 2013

friendsOur friends Rita and Barry will are here in Anaheim Hills with us today, visiting from Virginia.   Muri has known them since fourth grade and I met them my senior year of college when I was dating her.   It is an interesting friendship that has thrived despite the differences between us.   They are very liberal, while I am either conservative or libertarian, depending on my mood … and Muri is mostly apolitical.   They are what I would usually describe as health food nuts, vegans-plus, while we are omnivores and could probably be described as foodies, which makes going out to dinner with them difficult.   They are Animal Rights people, while I’m OK with my son-in-law being a hunter.   They like Broadway music, I like everything else.  It doesn’t sound like a recipe for a lifetime friendship.

But it is because the things we share outweigh the things we don’t.  For one, we share our values, the importance of family and friends and doing the right thing (even though we may perceive the right thing differently).  My wife and I regard them as truly good people for the things they do in the world.  I like to think that they see that in us.   Though our children are very different … ours are street-wise and hard-knocks-educated, theirs brilliant and Ivy league … sharing the ups and downs of parenthood with them has helped me see that it’s never an easy job.   Perhaps more than with any other friends, we’ve shared the nitty-gritty of life with them and they’ve always been there for us.   I hope we’ve done the same for them.   Sometimes before they arrive, I wonder, What on earth will we talk about? Then they’re here, and we’re talking as if we’ve never been apart.   That’s what happens you’ve shared decades of history.   It’s one of the best things about Feeling Older.

Rita and Barry lived in California for many years until the call of grandchildren drew them Back East and I’m sad to say we sometimes took that for granted.  Our artsy-fartsy movie theater is a few blocks from where they used to live in Irvine and as we leave the theater, we always say, Shall we stop in and see Rita and Barry?   We laugh and then we sigh, If only.  But they are here this weekend, so I’m reposting an updated Old Friends Too from 2011, the last time they visited … with my favorite photo of our families together.   It would be Thanksgiving, 1983.  Weren’t we cute?


Have a good weekend.

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4 Comments on “Old Friends 2013”

  1. When someone you don’t see all that frequently appears and you can converse like there has been no lapse of time that to me is the hallmark of a great friendship! Have a great weekend and lovely time visiting with good friends.

  2. territerri Says:

    Friends like Rita and Barry are rare. You are lucky to have them! Enjoy your time together!

  3. Rick Gleason Says:

    Great story Bud. That and especially the photo reminds me of old friends.

    Thanks as always.

  4. cherperz Says:

    Your picture is cute. I applaud the fact you have held your friendship together…especially with all the differences. That just shows how people that are open to other ideas can still come together in harmony. Perhaps you guys should offer some seminars on this. I think there are a number of people that would profit by it.

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