Wasting Time

TSTMonday night, when I’d usually be hard at work on a post for Top Sites Tuesday, I sat in my recliner half-watching a dreadful movie, Salt (starring Angelina Jolie) while I played a dozen games of Mole Word on my tablet.  If you’ve ever played Mole Word, you know that as you advance, you have to get more points to keep the game going.  More points require more concentration.  You wouldn’t expect Salt, a dumb-as-a-rock action film, to be much of a distraction, particularly since I don’t care for Ms. Jolie’s look.  I’m not that big on lips, you see.  Anyway, suffice it to say that I never approached my previous high score 0f 33,877 because I kept stopping to watch Angelina kick the crap out of the entire secret service.  A sight like that makes you wonder why the WNBA is so bad, doesn’t it?  But the topic here isn’t movies or women’s sports or even Angelina Jolie’s lips, it’s the All-American sport of Wasting Time.   I can be very disciplined, driven even.  I can work and post and write in my journal non-stop until, at some point, my Inner Eight Year Old says, Let’s Play. When I say, After we post (as I always do), he says No.  And he means it.

Naturally, My Inner Eight Year Old is a smart little kid.  He knows that even though he’s eight, he lives in a sixty-nine year old body, so if he insists on body-surfing, we’ll both be sore in the morning.   He’s perfectly happy to walk around Frye’s Electronics to see if there are any new toys we’d both enjoy. Home Depot’s OK, too.  He’s OK with the park as long as we walk around or take some pictures instead of writing in that stupid notebook and once in a while, he insists on shooting a few hoops.  We both love sports and he’s happy to spend hours reading the sports pages on the internet.  We know more about Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers and what the Lakers are goingminesweeper to do now that that freakin’ prima donna is gone than anyone but Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers’ general manager.  But what my Inner Eight Year Old likes best these days are computer games.  He likes Solitaire.  He likes Free Cell.  For a while, his favorite was Minesweeper which reminded him of Battleships, which we used to play on graph paper when we were really eight.  Then we found Word Mole.

Word Mole was on my first Blackberry smartphone.  He … we … loved it.  We loved it so much that I eventually deleted it from my phone so I could get some work done. I think my Inner Eight Year Old has finally forgiven me for mole wordthat, particularly since I discovered its Android cousin, Mole Word, and installed it on my Google Nexus Tablet.  In case you’re not familiar with Mole Word, it uses a 6×6 grid of letters.  To advance to the next level, you need to get a certain number of points in 2 minutes, points you get by spelling words, the longer the better.  Each time you advance you have to get more points in your 2 minutes.  As we get better at the game, advancing through more levels, it takes longer.  Last week, I reached 33,877 points, by far my highest score, which took 45 minutes.  Did I tell you I’m driven?  At about 10,000 points, my Inner Eight Year Old gets bored.  This isn’t fun any more, he says. Put on a movie and I’ll play again.  He likes action flicks and sci-fi.  When I get too fixated on Mole Word, he’ll shout out, Hey, this is the good part, to distract me, and sure enough, I watch long enough that Game Over appears on my tablet.  Time to get to work, I say, and, of course, he says, One more game.   We’re just Wasting Time, I say, to which he says, It’s not Wasting Time, it’s playing.  And off we go again.

So, now, it’s Tuesday morning and I’m writing this post while my Inner Eight Year Old is still asleep.  And I need to come up with Two Thoughts on Tuesday.  How’s this?  Thought Number One: All posting and no Mole Word makes my Inner Eight Year Old a dull boy.  And Thought Number Two: I wonder how old I’ll be before my Inner Eight Year Old takes over completely?   Meanwhile, why don’t you tell me what you do when you’re Wasting Time.  And while you’re at it, waste a little by clicking my button to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday Number 211.

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10 Comments on “Wasting Time”

  1. Facebook. That’s how I do it.
    And I’m having a hard time getting past, “I’m not that big on lips, you see.”

  2. cherperz Says:

    I am getting quite proficient at wasting time. Word games are a bad thing for me…very bad. I have had at least one total stranger tell me to get a life. We were in a line at Silver Dollar City when my husband inadvertently erased my ongoing game of Wirly Word. With over a million points down the drain,I was teasing (really I was TEASING him about how he set me back a year of hard earned points when the guy next to us told me to get a life.

    Oh and I totally agree about big lips. Not a big fan of big lips, either.


  3. Oh, my goodness, Bud, did this hit home for me! I just deleted some word game last night because I was addicted to playing it. Now, for wasting time, I play my instruments. If I need to do the laundry, I say, “Just one more song on my fiddle and then I’ll throw another load in.” If I need to vacuum, I say, “One more run-through on the piano of that Couperin piece.” Mind you, I play six instruments, so getting anything else done around here is a challenge.

  4. Trina Says:

    Great Topic! I used to love free cell, I won a lot, and solitaire and minesweeper. They are all excellent games to help fill a bored moment. Lately I’ve been playing Bejeweled Blitz and a timed word find game when I’m not reading a book on the iPad.

    Sometimes it’s good to let your Inner Eight Year Old out, they do play some of the greatest games 😉


  5. Oh my, Bud! You do realize that I may have invented the “wasting time” thing and it shows, very frequently too when I get behind on some stuff here -like blog reading or even posting or doing laundry or well, just about anything! I can occasionally also be driven too -other than “driven crazy: by other things that come along and distract me from things I really should be doing while instead I am sitting here in deep thought as to which card to move next on a silly game of Solitaire. The mere fact that I am just now -on July 20th -finally getting around to reading this post of yours done on July 9th -11 days ago! However, this week, the excuses I had for falling behind, looking like I was really neglectful or derelict of many of my duties actually came about via some circumstances totally beyond my control! But maybe next week, I’ll be able to concentrate and do a little -better yet, a lot -better in handling things that threw me for a major loop this week!

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