The Granddaughter

baby savyIn March of 2007, our second grandson was born.   During her pregnancies, our daughter was sick for almost the entire nine months, requiring a PICC line to keep her from becoming dehydrated.  As much as we wanted a granddaughter, we now had two beautiful grandsons, so when our daughter and son-in-law decided not to have any more babies, we were in agreement.  Then, a few months later, we got a call.   Guess what? our daughter said,  I’m pregnant again.  We weren’t thrilled to see her go through another nine difficult months but like good parents, we tried to be supportive.  Some months later, our daughter called again.  She’d had an ultrasound and told us, It’s a girl.  She’s due in July.

Since Muri’s birthday was July 15, we naturally thought about how cool it would be if she was born then, but July 15 rolled by with no baby.  On the morning of July 18, our daughter sent her husband off to work like any other morning … except within an hour, the baby was on the way.  Both her husband and I got the same phone message … Someone needs to get here right now and get me to the hospital.   The baby was born within and hour of her arrival.  Now, we knew our granddaughter’s first name was going to be Savannah, but after the birth, they told us her middle name was going to be Violet.  Because, you see, July 18th was the birthdate of Violet, Muri’s Mom.

Savy was, of course, beautiful but she was born slightly jaundiced, giving her a slightly orange complexion and she had a round tummy that worried the doctors.   Worried that her liver was not functioning properly, they ran some tests, so we had some nervous days and nights.  Thank God, everything turned out alright and today, Savannah Violet is five years old.  Happy Birthday, Savy.  You are a light in our lives.


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4 Comments on “The Granddaughter”

  1. your daughter Says:

    Yes we do love this little girl. Life is complete with her!!

  2. It’s more than obvious why you and Muri have such a strong connection and love for all your grandchildren but especially for this beautiful little girl! I can relate totally to your words about your grandkids as they and mine are possibly the most beautiful grandkids ever! Or as my younger grandson Kurtis would probably say -“Best in the whole wide world!” Yepper!

  3. cherperz Says:

    Bud, she is just adorable.. Grandchildren are such a huge blessing in our lives, aren’t they? . Happy belated birthday to Savy.

  4. territerri Says:

    Happy Birthday to Savannah! She’s such a beautiful little girl!

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