Friday Favorites 7/19/2013

turboYesterday, my granddaughter, Savy, wanted her brothers out of the house during her birthday party.  She is after all, five, and the party was for girls and you know how big brothers can be.  So, Older Eyes got volunteered to take the boys … Reed and Maddux … to the movies.  Mom picked out Pacific Rim or Man of Steel, which seemed pretty violent for youngsters but she’s the Mom.  But when we arrived … Muri for the party and Bud to pick up the boys … the boys asked if they could see Turbo, the new animated feature about a super-fast snail, instead.    I looked at my daughter and she said, I didn’t think you’d want to see that.  It just goes to show how someone can be your daughter for 34 years and not really know you.  As the grandfather, I’m happy to be there with the boys no matter what’s on the screen … and I’ve always liked animation.  After all, when I started going to the movies, every show started with a cartoon or two, probably something politically incorrect like a stuttering pig named Porky or a nearly blind (whoops! unsighted) Mr. Magoo.

Animation has come a long way since then.  Hand drawn fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are still-beloved relics of the past, replaced by computer generated imagery that sometimes astounds for its realism.  I recently watched a special on the making of Shrek in which the producers said they held back on the amount of realism they used in Cameron Diaz’ character because they didn’t want Fiona to look like a real person.  I remember the fuss over the combination of live images and animation in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Now, many supposed live-action films include as much CGI as live action.  Avatar certainly comes to mind.  Personally, a few films like Batman Begins and Ironman not withstanding, I prefer my animation in what we used to call feature-length cartoons.  Quaint, huh?  In the last few weeks, Muri and I have seen Monsters University (who can resist Billy Crystal as a green one-eyed mini monster?) and Despicable Me II.   I thought the originalboo Monsters Inc was funnier, primarily due to the presence of the adorable little girl, Boo, but Despicable Me II was as funny as the original.  Muri said I was laughing louder than anyone else in the theater.  Turbo, by the way was Cars with snails set at a Taco stand in the Barrio.  Interesting film, even though Rotten Tomatoes termed it undemanding family-friendly fare.  Does anyone really want demanding family fare?

So, I thought that here on Friday Favorites I’d offer my favorite animated film but that’s a bit problematic.  I can’t decide which one that would be.  Not only are there many that I love, my Outer Adult and Inner Child can’t agree.  Do I choose from beautiful old classics like Cinderella or modern CGI masterpieces like Up?  So, I’ll choose two.  From the old classics, my Outer Adult chooses the groundbreaking Disney film, Fantasia, even though the Night on Bald Mountain sequence gave my then Outer Child nightmares.  Combining classical music with what was then state-of-the-art animation, it was a feast for the eyes and ears.

For the modern era, it would be easy to go with Shrek, which I found hysterical, but the truth is, much of the humor was of the grown-up variety in skewed references to classic animated films.  So I’ll go with the Despicable Me films.  After all, the Minions delight both adults and children

… and what child doesn’t find a Fart Gun (not a Dart Gun) funny.  Reed, Maddux and my Inner Kid certainly did.

Have a good weekend.

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites 7/19/2013”

  1. territerri Says:

    Despicable Me is one of my favorite movies. My daughter saw the 2nd one and gave it a big thumbs up, so it’s a good bet I’ll see that one too.

    I think my favorite classic animated film would be The Jungle Book … probably my favorite because it was my oldest son’s first Disney favorite.

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