Monday Smiles – 7/22/2013

zzzzzSunday morning, I slept in until 9:00, something that almost never happens. When I rolled over and tried to get up, I found my muscles ached just about everywhere I have muscles.  Both were due to the same thing … spending hours in the pools at Desert Ridge Resort playing with my grandkids.  Listening to me groan, Muri said, You can’t play like an eight year old anymore, Bud.  The truth is I can’t play like a forty-eight year old anymore.   Perhaps not even like a fifty-eight year old.  But the best thing about being with my grandkids is that for a brief moment in time, I feel like I can, so I do.  I may pay the price the next day but they … and that feeling of being a kid again … are worth that price.

little houseWhile you are reading this, Muri and I might be cleaning up our Little House, closing it up until the next time we head East into the desert.  It’s not quite home but we’ve had enough good times here that it comes close.  Closing it up, particularly in summer when we won’t be back for a while, makes me sad.  We might on the freeway in Phoenix, driving through 110° heat and wondering how the kids did going off for the first day of school,school knowing my daughter will have a cry as she sends off little Savy.  I’d be having my leaving-the-grandkids-behind blues about then.   We might be in the MFN**, listening to some oldies on my MP3 player or chuckling about the kids’ antics.  My head might be off in the clouds as I try to get my brain cells working again on the job where Nothing Works,  although it seems my colleagues have gotten a few things to work in my absence.  You might catch us talking about several of the serious matters we have at hand … the MFN seems to be a good place for those discussions … no witnesses, you know. If you read this late in the day, we housemay have developed the driving-too-long crazies and be making up songs or acting out something the grandkids did, each of us taking a part.  We’d probably be laughing and you’d wonder at what.  That’s the driving-too-long crazies for you.  Or if you read this really late, we might be pulling into the garage of our Big House in Anaheim Hills, wondering what the week will bring but happy to be home.  Where the heart is, yes.

So even though I’m writing this Sunday afternoon … before we go to the daughter’s house for dinner … I know.  It’s Monday.  I’m smiling.  Not all the time but enough to know that life is good.

MFN = Middle of Freaking Nowhere

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3 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 7/22/2013”

  1. sharon Says:

    no videos of pool antics?

  2. Hope your drive when just the way you wrote it would probably be! And thanks so much for the afterthought of “MFN” as I was going to ask you to please explain that. Finally -so right about where home is -it is where the heart remains.

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