Friday Favorites 7/26/2013

music notesIf I wanted to post nothing but music, I think I could fill a decade of Friday Favorites with songs.  It’s a reflection of my age … and the stations I listen to in the car … that most would be from the past, some so far in the past that those with Younger Eyes might be hearing them for the first time.  They might be saying, You used to listen to this stuff?  The music I’d choose falls nicely into two classes.  There are songs I will always remember, perhaps by a favorite artist or with lyrics I particularly love.  Maybe they have a beautiful melody or, more likely, have a connection to a significant time in my life. The Beatles’ We Can Work It Out … the time Muri and I broke up in college. Billy Joel’s Lullaby … thinking of my daughter as a little girl.  Then there are the Forgotten Favorites that only turn up when I’m listening to an Oldies Station on Sirius XM or searching for something else on YouTube.   I hear Harden My Heart and say, Oh, I loved this song … while I try to remember the name of the artist.  It’s a sign of the times that if I can’t remember, the answer is right there on YouTube or on my car radio with a push of the Display button.  Oh, yeah … it’s Quarterflash.

The thing is, most of my Forgotten Favorites are by One (or Few) Hit Wonders.   Like Black Velvet, which actually won the Grammy for 1990 best female rock vocal.  Remember?  Me neither.  Alannah Myles.

So, if there is a Favorite Forgotten Favorite … at least until I turn on the radio and hear one I like better … it would be a hit by Jann Arden from 1994, Insensitive.   Who, you say?  Well, yes, it was her only hit and interestingly, it was the one song on the album, Living Under June, that Arden didn’t write.  It was written by Anne Loree at the end of an unhappy relationship.  Arden optioned the song after hearing Loree perform it at a Calgary club.   Insensitive is a haunting lament by a woman who’s discovered that the man she loves just doesn’t care that much and wonders why she couldn’t see it or how she’ll ever trust again.

Great song.  Enjoy. Oh, yeah. Do you have any Forgotten Favorites you’d like to share?

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites 7/26/2013”

  1. You’re right Bud, that’s a great song, and a great post. Music is a powerful force, or as Eric Church expressed it so much better than I can, “Funny how a melody sounds like a memory” 🙂

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