Last night, I got to the park to walk a little later than usual.   Twilight was slowly falling and most of the evening walkers were loading their dogs into their cars for the drive home.  As I followed the walking trail around the lake into the back of the park where the trees thicken, I began to feel uneasy.  I felt as if I was being watched.  Several times, I turned quickly expecting to see someone walking behind me, but there was no one there.  But as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I realized that while no one was watching me, something was.   Watchers.  Fortunately, I had my camera along, so I can prove I wasn’t just being paranoid.  I wasn’t, right?  You can see them, can’t you?


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3 Comments on “Watchers”

  1. Neat, very cool! I tend to do the same but usually in daylight and with clouds.

  2. cherperz Says:

    Some of those do appear to be keeping watch over you….but (no pun intended) the last one looks to be mooning you.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Now, I saw a big smiling dog but I was looking for faces. But if I were looking for backsides … yes, I see what you mean. So, my post should be titled Watchers and Mooners?

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