Monday Smiles – 7/29/2013

moviesMuri and I see a lot of movies, which has always made finding a rental that we haven’t seen difficult.  Only a few years ago, there was a Blockbuster movie rental location right down the street.  When we had nothing to do for an evening, we could wander the aisles and sometimes find something we hadn’t seen, maybe something that didn’t interest us enough to pay theater prices or a straight to DVD production.  We saw some pretty lousy films that way but at least we could find one.   Now,redbox Blockbuster is gone and our supermarket, Ralph’s, has two Redbox machines.  Unfortunately, Redbox doesn’t carry anywhere near the selection that Blockbuster did, so we rarely rent movies there (even though I can reserve them with a very cool app on my phone).   But as a semi-retired couple with time to fill and two local theaters offering $5 senior tickets, we’ve been digging deeper into the box office film fare than we used to.   We’ve seen animated films like Monsters University (cute but a bit more forced than the first) and Despicable Me 2 (my favorite animated film of the last few years).  I saw Turbo, an unlikely story of a snail racing at the Indy 500, with my grandsons.  Fun.  There was the action filled but heartless Man of Steel and the overly long, occasionally funny send-up of The Lone Ranger.  There was the clever Now You See Me, the violently funny Reds 2 and the simply violent A Good Day to Die Hard.  I am summer filmed out.

Desperate for a film with a brain, Saturday we saw Still Mine, a true story starring long time character actor, James Cromwell as 89 year old Craig Morrison and the lovely Genevieve Bujold as his wife, Irene, who is gradually losing her memory.  Faced with concern over his wife in their large house,mine Craig begins to build a small cottage on a piece of land he own overlooking the bay.  He works without plans using the building techniques he was taught by his shipbuilder father, including milling the lumber from trees on his property.  The local building inspector issues a stop work order demanding plans for the house and citing numerous code violations.  Craig, faced with his wife’s declining health, defies the building commission and ends up in court.  This is perhaps the best film I have ever see about an elderly couple still completely in love after many years. Both struggle with the reality of each other’s aging, sometimes with tears and sometimes anger but through the chemistry between Cromwell and Bujold, their devotion to each other always shows through without ever becoming saccharine. Rather than sentimentalizing the difficulties of growing old together, Still Mine shows us what love can do, even in our later years.

Still Mine is simply a beautiful film about aging with grace.  It’s Monday.  I’m smiling … albeit with a tear in the corner of my eye.

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3 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 7/29/2013”

  1. That’s what I need -something to help me age with grace!

  2. cherperz Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Bud. I hadn’t heard of “Still Mine”. Sounds like a very interesting movie. Of course, it might sting a bit as I see how close I am to the age that dementia might take over and I don’t think Hubby has it in him to build me a cottage.

  3. SandySays1 Says:

    I’m going to rent “Still Mine” if I can find it, OE — One of my favorites is “UP” – if you haven’t seen it, I ‘d recommend it highly.

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