Friday night after dinner, I went out back to refill the bird feeders and the birdbath.  The birds here in Anaheim Hills can be quite temperamental and will boycott us for a few days if I let the feeders go empty.   And if I’m going to have birds hanging out in in the yard, the birdbath is a must …. there’s nothing worse than a dirty bird.  Our feeders are on our back slope, on the top of a short retaining wall, which gives me a nice view looking West.  Last night the sky was Aglow in hot pinks and pastel blues.  By the time I found my camera, the pinks had faded a bit but it was still an amazing sight.   Is there anything more glorious than a beautiful sunset?

Anaheim Hills Sunset

Anaheim Hills Sunset

Have a beautiful Saturday …

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One Comment on “Aglow”

  1. Remember the old adage -“Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.” And seeing something as lovely as that is a delight for more than just sailors though, isn’t it?

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