Monday Smiles – 8/5/2013

Every once in a while, Muri and I find ourselves out of synch.  Sometimes it happens because one or the other has been busy.  Last week was like that for me, filleddifferent with 12-Step commitments and work on the job where Nothing Works.  Sometimes, we have things on our mind that distract us, our no-longer-kids doing things we’d rather they didn’t or an illness in the family.  Yes, my brother is improving but slowly.  And sometimes, it’s just a mood. I am prone to those. I say, at those times, we’re Spinning in Different Orbits and it looks sort of like this.

It’s a lonely state and a properly used weekend can be the cure.  Saturday morning, after I’d written myself out of the morning blues, I texted Muri from the park.  I made reservations for 7:15 at Cannon’s.  Wanna go?  Cannon’s is Cannon’s Seafood Grill, a restaurant I’ve posted about before on the cliffs above Dana Point Harbor.  Hmmm, she texted back, Delicious food or not? I chose yes 😉  And a few minutes later, Want to leave around four and walk the stores or sit in the shade and read for a while?  It was a response I’d hoped for.  Dana Point is our enclave, a place with an almost mystical power to reconnect us.   Only if I can still have ice cream later, I texted back.  There is an ice cream shop along the boardwalk we both love.  And so, we sat on the boardwalk for while, watching the tourists go by and guessing where they were from and we sat in the car to read.   Cannon’s initially disappointed me … they’d changed their menu, eliminating my favorite,cannons view lobster bruschetta … but how can you stay mad at a restaurant with the best view in Orange County serving a perfectly mixed Rusty Nail? Dinner was macadamia crusted swordfish in a vanilla sauce for me and grilled mahi-mahi with mushrooms in a lobster reduction for Muri. Delicious.  There were two weddings going on and the couple next to us was celebrating their third wedding anniversary.  Our forty-fifth is next Sunday.  Perspective.  After dinner, we had ice cream on the boardwalk, Muri Mocha Almond Fudge and me Cherry Vanilla.

And here it is, Monday.  Sometimes, Spinning in the Same Orbit is only a date away.  I’m smiling.


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One Comment on “Monday Smiles – 8/5/2013”

  1. Good news to read that you and Muri are back in sync!

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