Turning Points

Life turns on a dime.  Sometimes toward us, but more often it spins away, flashing and flirting as it goes: so long, honey, it was good while it lasted, wasn’t it?” Jake Epping in Stephen King’s 11/22/63

park sunriseI’m not as pessimistic as Stephen King’s Jake Epping but then again, I haven’t traveled though a time portal back to 1958 or tried to prevent the assassination of JFK.   My life has turned for the better more often than it’s spun away.   But I’m a realist, too.  When people tell me, Do this (whatever this turns out to be) and life will get better, I nod as if I agree (not wanting to argue) or I say, Yes, but not always.  When life spins away, there are those who would have me believe I’m being punished or tested by God … or if they want to make their God a bit less intimidating, they may say God is showing me how He wants me to change.  Sometimes, that seems like a lesson delivered by a two-by-four to the head.  Pardon me if I leave that God to others.  I do believe, however, that when life spins away, flashing and flirting, there is always a lesson for everyone involved. 

There is something about being human that makes us resist change. Fear of the unknown, perhaps. Oh, yeah, we can change our hair style (that is, if we have any hair) or we can change our attitude. But changes at our core seem to require a crisis. Pain makes us willing to change. Sorrow opens our hearts and makes us vulnerable, something I believe is necessary to see what lessons a crisis holds. But the lesson is not mandatory.   We can whine about the unfairness of life or we can dig in, determined not to change.   Or we can say, OK, since life is turning anyway, I might as well make this a Turning Point.  And while life does whatever it’s going to do, we can become better.   Turning Point, as in: Made a decision to turn our will and lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.  Or however the God of your understanding puts it.  I’m trying.

Yes, it has been a short Hiatus. I may not be posting as often for a while but blogging has become part of my process, so I’m back.

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4 Comments on “Turning Points”

  1. cherperz Says:

    Nice to see your post pop up on my reader.

    Not knowing what exactly is going on in your life, I offer up a few thoughts that I have had when hitting bumps in the road.

    I find that anytime life throws me a curve ball, I need to come to terms with it in my own time and in my own way. People that offer up platitudes referring to “God’s plan”, or “God’s will” may mean well but don’t comfort me in any way. I doubt that these people are any more aware of what God’s plan is than I am.

    I am not enlightened enough to know what God has in store for me. I don’t believe all the hardships of my childhood or the loss of some of my loved ones later in my life, were any kind of test. I am sure God’s plan isn’t to give me heartache to see how I handle it.

    I do believe, that some hardships might make us stronger, or maybe they make us more compassionate of others, or allow us to see a side to things that we previously didn’t see.

    Things I rely on…. are that there are people in this world that care that I am hurting, there is a higher power that offers peace and forgiveness as much as I am capable of accepting and or recognizing it and I try to remember that my “lows” have never been as low as some people have had to endure.

    Hope whatever is going on is still allowing for some of your positives to shine in your life and letting you find your peace with whatever you need to come to terms with.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Thanks, Cheryl. You and I are very much on the same page. And we are doing a little better. We went to a local art festival with friends last night and had a great time, so there will be Monday Smiles tomorrow.

  2. +Very good to see you took a short Hiatus -but understandable if things are, as you wrote about here, kind of spinning for you right now, that you might not be here daily as you usually have been. Must be something in the atmosphere right now as life here in the slow lane has been spinning on that darned dime a good bit lately. More than I really wanted to spin. Tilt-a-Whirl was never my favorite amusement park ride, ya know. I’ve heard, still do, all the platitudes about life doing this, that and some other things, etc., and some I agree with, semi-agree is more the case there. Generally, when I’m worked up about something, if it makes me a teary mess for a while, so be it and then, when I’m a little more in control, my method has usually been to find ways to poke fun at the issue or myself, often both. It works for me otherwise, I’d be sitting constantly, in a corner pulling my hair out one strand at a time and drinking beer. Hope whatever is spinning your dime now is something you can think about and work through it in whatever manner helps you achieve peace.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Hi, Jeni – It’s good to be back. I’ve just rediscovered that I have to write, which is a good thing. I can’t talk about what’s going on here but I really appreciate your support.

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