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usb speakerMy life has a soundtrack.   It resides on the SD card of my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.   Sometimes, I listen to it on a USB mini-speaker while I’m sitting in the park, writing.  When I walk or ride my bike, I use Sony earbuds.  There’s a set of Bose desktop speakers I can plug into in my office, and often when I’m working … or napping … in my recliner, I listen on a pair of Bose Noise Cancelling headphones.  The soundtrack on my SD card has 2423 songs, so if you figure that the averagebose song is 5 minutes long, it amounts to over 200 hours of music.   That would make a very long movie, but it’s not a movie, it’s my life.  There’s jazz … a lot of jazz … because jazz whether it’s smooth or hot, lifts my spirits.  There’s classic rock and oldies and a smattering of newer artists like Alicia Keys and Diane Birch.   There’s classical music for thinking or relaxing, and an assortment of guitar and piano, my favorite instruments. And there’s some New Age music for meditation and some country for spice.  There are playlists to make me romantic, relaxed, happy or sad.  Yeah, sad.  Sometimes a guy needs a good cry.

When you carry around 200 hours of music, some old friends get lost, so about once week, I choose the Shuffle All mode of my favorite mp3 App, PowerAmp, as I start off on my walk.  I get a random playlist that crosses genres, artists and moods.   Those old friends turn up, too, bringing along forgotten melodies and lyrics to sing along with.  Yes, I do.  Here are my companions from yesterday’s walk, all linked in case you’re unfamiliar … or if they’re one of your favorites, too.

Superstar – Luthor Vandross
A Taste of Honey – Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
Fly Me to the Moon – Diana Krall
3 Women Walking – Ottmar Liebert
Juicy – Brian Simpson
Traumerei – Vladamir Horowitz
How Do I Live – Trisha Yearwood
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Micheal McDonald
L.A. Woman – The Doors
In the Still of the Night – The Five Satins

TSTSo, here on Top Sites Tuesday #218, Thought Number One is this: Shuffle All is kind of like life.  I never know what will turn up and it offers the possibility of synchronicity, those wonderful coincidences when something meaningful shows just in time.  Or maybe not coincidence.  And in one way, Shuffle All is better than life … Thought Number Two: The music’s all mine, so there’s nothing I hate.  Where else do we get that kind of control?  So, do you ever Shuffle All?  Thank you for stopping by.  If you enjoyed this post, please push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #218.

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4 Comments on “Shuffle All”

  1. cherperz Says:

    Wow, that is a huge playlist. By comparison, my iphone probably has 10 hours worth of music. I am not good at taking the time to download music.

    That is so true about life being like the “Shuffle All” It consistently changes and mixes things up. There are also, new downloads from time to time of all types and varieties.

    A very interesting analogy, Bud.


  2. Trina Says:

    I thought I was doing good with the 900 songs on my iPod. I hit shuffle all frequently, I like to marvel how I can be bounced around from Ray Charles singing “Georgia” to Metallica singing “Sad but True” Most cases the songs would clash, but as they are my favorites the transition is awesome!


  3. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    That’s a lot of hours of music! Life is like a great sound track, and listening to everything you like would bring back great memories 🙂

    Clicks for you!

  4. liggybee Says:

    That’s wonderful that you take your music along with you like you do. I think it’s inspiring to hear your favorite sounds and singers as you write, relax, or work. I try do it as often as I can (which isn’t often enough in my opinion). Music is one of the things that make life more enjoyable. Excellent post, Bud!

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