Sultry Saturday

sultryIt’s going to be a hot Labor Day weekend here in Socal.  Worse, it’s going to be humid.  Not humid by Back East or Down South standards, but humid for here.  It’s a dry heat may be a cliche but that doesn’t mean it’s not true up to a point.  Just sitting here writing my arms are glistening with a salty glaze. A low gray cloud cover hangs over Yorba Regional Park, mirroring the one hanging over my heart.  Already, the sun is beginning to burn a hole in the clouds and when it is done, it will be too hot for the park.  I wish something could burn off my heart-clouds.

About a half hour ago, I Iooked up from my journal to see a hawk sitting on the roof of my car.  I think it was a young Cooper hawk.  I scrambled to turnhawk on the camera on my phone but the commotion scared him off.  A flight of five Canada geese landed on the lake shortly thereafter, loudly announcing their arrival.  Five minutes ago, the hawk was was back on top of my car and I snapped several pictures.  This one’s pretty blurry but perhaps it will convince you I wasn’t hallucinating from the heat.

I once knew a woman who fancied herself a shaman.  She told me that seeing a bird of prey is a sign of good luck to come.  And says that in feng shui, Birds of prey like eagles and hawks represent wealth and good fortune.   The scientist in me is inclined to be skeptical, while the mystic in me wants to believe, especially when it’s a good omen., on the other hand, says that Most birds of prey, like the kestral or falcon, are considered unlucky, threatening a sudden upheaval. If that’s the case, Mr. Hawk’s a bit late with the news. Maybe taking his picture undoes any omens. Maybe he’s just a beautiful bird that stopped by to give me something to write about. Maybe. A loaded word these days. Maybe I’ll just close and take a walk before the sun comes out.

Have a good weekend.

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2 Comments on “Sultry Saturday”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I love the idea that the hawk is a good omen for you…bringing you good luck and fortune.

    It’s hot and sultry here as well. We have hovered around 100 all week with the dewpoint being around 65. Luckily some cooler weather is supposed to be moving in.

    Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend.

  2. territerri Says:

    It’s been hot and humid here for weeks, but today, we didn’t even hit 70 degrees. Funny how the unofficial last day of summer brought such an abrupt end to our summer weather. Not for long though, temps will be back up again as the end of the week rolls around.

    I hope the hawk is some kind of indication of positive change for you. It certainly seems out of character for such a bird to land on your car. In my experience, hawks tend to keep their distance from people and their things.

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