Friday Favorites 9/6/2013

danceWhen I was a freshman in high school, my mother talked me into taking dance lessons.  I learned mostly ballroom dances that would be useless at the Friday night dances at the town hall, including a version of the LIndy that looked nothing like what the cooler kids were doing when the music was fast.   I wasn’t even cool enough to be insulted that my Mom was more worried about my social ineptness than I was.  Oh, I had lots of friends, even girl friends … but not girlfriends, if you know what I mean.   It didn’t help that I was a skinny, four-foot ten kid known more as a brain than anything else.   But I was also shy around girls when it came to matters of the heart.   As result, the only time I held a girl in my arms was on the dance floor, hence the ballads of the time hold a special place in my nostalgic old brain.   By the time I reached my junior year, I was five foot six and I had graduated from the town hall dance to the high school dances in the gym.   That would have been 1960, the year that perhaps my favorite girl group ballad of all times went to Number One on the charts.

The Shirelles were formed in 1957 for a high school talent show and were signed by Tiara Records, eventually migrating to Scepter Records where they had seven top twenty hits before leaving the label in 1966.   Although the group never regained its popularity, the Shirelles have been credited with ushering in both the Girl Group Era (including such groups as the Chiffons and the Crystals) and the Motown era.  Will You Love Me Tomorrow, which was written by the songwriting team of David Geffen and Carole King, was the first song by any Girl Group to make Number One on the charts.   The Shirelles’ influence on pop music has been recognized by their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 the Pioneer Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.  Rolling Stone Magazine has listed them as one of the 100 Greatest Acts of all time and Will You Love Me Tomorrow is on its list of the greatest songs of all time.

When I’m feeling nostalgic for simpler times, I switch my radio to Sirius XM’s Sixties Station and if I’m lucky enough to catch a Shirelles’ tune, I’m back in that gym.   The smell of sweat from the afternoon PE classes still hangs in the air but all I can smell is the English Leather I splashed on at home.   Chubby Checker’s Twist is ending and I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to do it in public, even though I’ve practiced in front of the mirror at home, so I’m sitting with my friend, Charlie, on the bleachers.  Hoping.   Please let the next song be a slow one.  And it is.

Shirelles.  Friday Favorite.  Have a nice weekend.

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites 9/6/2013”

  1. Nothing quite like the music of the 60s -for openers -for some great sounds! Now, THAT was music -the real deal!

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