Twitchy Tail

Mr_PMy son’s cat, being a Siamese, is a very peculiar person.  If you have ever lived with a Siamese, you know exactly what I mean.  If you are a cat person who has never known a Siamese, this will still make sense to you because all cats, in one way or another, are peculiar people.  If you are a dog person, you may not understand my affinity for the particular peculiarities of felines but I hope you can appreciate how much joy I get from this pet.   And if you are cat hater, well, you can just move along.   There is nothing here for you.

Mr. P is the cat’s name.   My son tells me that once, he was father to a litter of kittens and was called Pappy, which was shortened to Mr. P after the famous Mr. B in the Austin Powers films.  Mr. P greets me as I open my bedroom door in the morning with his typical Siamese cry, which sounds more like a baby than a meow.  Chances are, after spending the night sleeping in my son’s bed, he’s slipped out though my son’s window and in through my office window.  He is in need of some attention, specifically some petting and scratching.  When I get down on the floor to oblige, he circles me, just out of reach, still crying for attention.  My cats come to me, I tell him.  The first few times he gets within reach and I try to pet him, he jumps away but eventually he gets close enough that I can roll him over on his side and scratch his belly.   Siamese cats are among the most tactile of cats and he writhes in delight as I scratch him, sometimes swimming across the floor or jumping away, only to come back for more.  Lately, if I sit in my recliner, he will jump into my lap, circling and stretching as I scratch him before curling into a ball.  He’s not typically a lap cat and given his regal ancestry, I’m honored.

Legend has it that Siamese cats were once only owned by the royalty  of Siam, and the breed has never forgotten it.   One of their unique features is their long, thin tail, which is the same color as their points … nose, ears and feet.tail kink While most cats have straight tails, Siamese cats have a kink in their tails.   My son tells me that Siamese princesses once kept their rings on the cat’s tail and the kink kept them from falling off.  I haven’t tried it with Mr. P.   A few days ago, he was curled on my lap trying to sleep.  Usually, he finds a position in which his tail is pinned beneath him because it seems to have a mind of its own.  When he has what I call Twitchy Tail, he’ll sit watching his tail wave about, occasionally trying to catch it with his paw or chasing it around the room.  As he was trying to sleep this particular morning, his tail was waving back and forth, occasionally tickling his nose or ears.   He’d open one eye and the tail would retreat, only to return when he closed his eyes again.  Eventually, he caught it with his paw, right at the kink about three inches from the end, then happily closed his eyes to doze.  But every time he did, the end of his tail tickled his nose.  I was laughing so hard, the shaking annoyed him and he jumped down.  He was, however, still willing to be scratched on the floor.

I’ll say this.  At sixty-nine, I have enough trouble sleeping due to Twitchy MInd.  I’m sure glad I don’t have a Twitchy Tail.

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4 Comments on “Twitchy Tail”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I do understand what you mean when you say cats are peculiar people. My cat is a Himalayan which is considered a type of Persian cat but they were originally bred from a Persians and Siamese cats. The coloring is much more the Siamese while the hair length is due to the Persian genes.

    My cat does the same behaviors you describe. Cats can be very funny, often aloof, sometimes needy, but they are such interesting little creatures.

  2. territerri Says:

    I’m a dog lover… but I’m a cat lover too, and I am familiar with the adorable, smart, amazing antics of cats. Our cat, Holly, gone a few years now, had TONS of personality. Now we have Tigger, who was formerly my parents’ cat. Tigger has a personality but it’s not a fun one. He had problems from the very beginning of his life, taken from his mother too young or something, and has always been skittish. He doesn’t want to see people and spends his days hiding out. He comes out of hiding every morning though, long enough for me to give him a snuggle and a treat. (He’s mellowed out a little in his old age. He’s 17.)

    Mr. P sounds like a real character and I can see why he brings you so much joy.

    • oldereyes Says:

      My son’s Burmese, Elvis, is a rescue and very reclusive except with my son. He runs whenever Muri or I come near him but follows Aaron whereever he goes. When Aaron goes out, Elvis waits for him on the stairs of by the door. Mr. P is a typical Siamese, which isn’t everyone’s cup of cat. But I love him.

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