Monday Smiles – 10/14//2013

In case you haven’t noticed, Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog now includes a Song of the Day and Quote of the Day in the Home Page sidebar.   Sunday morning, I thought that my Song of the Day was going to be Burt Bacharach’s The Look of Love.  Naturally, I thought of Dusty Springfield’s original hit version.  But would I really choose it over Diana Krall’s sultry version from her album of the same name?  Or Sergio Mendez’ upbeat version from 1967?   And I certainly couldn’t forget one of my favorites by Shelby Lynne on her Dusty Springfield tribute album, Just a Little Lovin’.   And I realized … The Look of Love is a most unusual song.  Most songs become identified with a particular artist, with the rest relegated to second string as cover versions.   But The Look of Love is a true standard in that there are many wonderful versions.  Sunday night, I sat down and put together a medley of a few of my favorites.

See what I mean?  And while I was looking for my favorites, I found another great version by trumpeter Chris Botti and singer Sy Smith with the Boston Symphony.  Very beautiful.

So, it’s Monday.   It was a good weekend … Date Night Saturday and errands with Muri on Sunday … and today we get to deliver Meals on Wheels together.   And I have a song in my heart.  I’m smiling.  I hope you are, too.

Technical Stuff I built the medley using the free audio software, Audacity, which allows me to add multiple tracks to  an audio file, each a version by a different artist.  It also allowed me to edit out the segments I wanted and shift them to make them match.  I overlapped the segments from each version and used some fade-in and fade-out to make them flow.   When Audacity exports the project as an mp3 file, it converts the tracks, in this case 14, back to stereo.  You can get Audacity here.

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4 Comments on “Monday Smiles – 10/14//2013”

  1. The professor was overly enraptured by this site. He wants more, yes?

  2. sharon Says:

    Wow!…nice find. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Rex Shaffer Says:

    My favorite song with Diana krall is the duet with Ray Charles called You Don’t Know Me. She usually sings to slow for me but she was right spot on with that song. Check It out. She has a soothing voice.

    Sent from my iPhone

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