Friday Favorites 1/25/2013

journalThis morning I was rummaging through my office looking for something, anything, to be this week’s Friday Favorite.  It occurred to me … how many Friday Favorites do I have to post before they are no longer Favorites but Just-Another-Thing-I-Like?  I just checked by the way.  I have posted 161 Friday Favorites.  The first, from August 6, 2010 began, This may turn out to be a short-lived experiment … or it may be a continuing feature of Bud’s Blog, like Monday Smiles.  The working title is Friday Favorites.   The intent is a short (yes, I can do short) post on something that’s a favorite of mine, be it music, art, books or whatever.   I guess it’s a continuing feature but not necessarily short.  That post was a video of Atlanta Rhythm Section’s So Into You.

I found a battered notebook hidden between No Ordinary Moments and I See Rude People on the miscellaneous shelf of my bookcase.  It was an old Hallmark Store Journal with a Claude Monet Water Lilies cover.  Based upon what was inside, I bought it over twenty years ago and it’s proof that I’ve been a collector of favorites long before Friday Favorites.  It is also proof that I’ve been a bit of a self-help junkie for a long time.   In it are excerpts from books I’ve read that I’ve found inspirational.  Some are copied and glue-sticked onto pages, others are written in my peculiar hybrid of printing and cursive.  The pages are dotted with stickers and stars and highlighted sentences.   There are prayers I’ve written and thoughts that originally showed up in my Morningmy hero Pages that seemed worth saving.  There’s a simple note from my daughter … Have A Safe Ride Home … left on our dashboard as we headed home from her dance competition years ago.  There is a Mary Engelbreit sticker that says My Hero, accompanied by a thank you note from Muri written as we walked together through her bout with breast cancer.

At the top of Page 71, I’d written When things seem unbearable …  Underneath is John’s Creed.   John was the husband of Muri’s friend, Sue.  He was a vital, active energetic man who had that unique ability to give you his full attention in spite of his own personal charisma.  He wrote his Creed shortly after being diagnosed with a particularly nasty brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforma.  In his Creed, he acknowledged the seriousness of his illness, asked that others give him positive support, and committed to surviving one day at a time.  In his Creed, John talks about balance.  I will not submit to terrible toxic chemicals or surgeries for the rest of my life to gain another month of survival, he says.  I’d rather watch a beautiful sunset !  Some months after his diagnosis and his first of several surgeries, Muri and I went to visit him.  I wondered what to expect, not knowing how I would express my support without growing maudlin.   He spent the entire visit talking to me about something that was going on in our family and offering his support.  John passed away 14 months later.

I’ve heard people say that they attend 12-Step meetings because it helps them to know others are going through worse times.  That, I don’t need.   What inspires me in my own difficult times is to see people going through more difficult times with incredible grace.  John’s Creed reminded me of one of the most extraordinary examples I’ve experienced … and that makes it my Friday Favorite.  Thank you, John.  I needed that. This sunset’s for you.

The Mother of All Sunsets

The Mother of All Sunsets

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