Date Days

love-heart-cloudI haven’t said this in a long time so perhaps it’s time to say it again.   One of the secrets of our 45 year marriage has been a Saturday Date Night virtually every week, come hell or high water.  Yes, that’s a cliche but we’re fortunate to have had no hell and never water so high that we went under.  Like all of my secrets of a long marriage, Date Nights can’t save a doomed relationship.  And yet several men I know whose marriages were faltering found a quantum improvement when they took my suggestion and began regular dates with their wives.  Why does it work?  Ask Dr. Phil.  No, on second thought, don’t.  I’ll tell you.  Dating your wife is a reminder of your courtship, making it easier to see again the things that led you to marriage in the first place. From that place, it’s more natural to be romantic, to hold hands or cuddle in the theater. It distracts you from the dramas, big or small, that might be grinding on your relationship.  It gives you a chance to talk things over without the burden of HAVING A TALK.  It’s fun.  What marriage doesn’t need fun?

To be totally honest, however, I have to admit that more and more often these days, our dates are Date Days.  Yes, I’m sixty-nine and you’re probably thinking, Can’t make it past nine, old boy?  Wrong.  We have discovered that we like to do matinees at the movies or theater so that we can have dinner afterwards without rushing.   Now all we have to do is get Older Eyes to stop eating as if he hasn’t eaten in weeks.  I’m working on it.  Put down the fork. sunshineChew.  Have a sip of wine.  Breathe.  Today we are going to the Ahmanson Theater in L.A. to see Danny DeVito and Judd Hirsch in Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys.  2:00 Matinee.  Then back to Gulliver’s Restaurant in Orange County for dinner.  Yes, we drive a lot on our dates.  Did I mention that beingdrac pub together in the car is a great way to chat and unwind?  Or simply unwind?  Anyway, Gulliver’s is known for amazing Halloween decorations (as well as for amazing prime rib served with Yorkshire pudding).  We’re looking forward to both.  Maybe I’ll post a few pictures on Older Eyes’ Facebook Page (Hint, hint. Go there. Like me).

Have a great weekend.

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3 Comments on “Date Days”

  1. Tamanah Says:

    Having a date night with your wife after 45 years of marriage itself explains the 45 years of marriage. Reading something like this, does build up the faith. 🙂

  2. jobgenie63 Says:

    Wise counsel. It’s the small things that resonate the most for me as well.

  3. cherperz Says:

    I couldn’t help but think that Date Night is fun only for those of us that like spending time with our partner. Some of my friends have spouses that are not their friends.

    Anyway…I do agree that spending enjoyable time together is critical for long marriages. We have only been married 42 years but I love spending time with Wayne. Unfortunately, he travels for extended periods of time so the idea of a weekly date night is off the table.

    For example, hubby is in Germany (has been for around 5 weeks now) and won’t be home for another 8 or so. I am leaving soon to go hang out…. just to be nearby. I take Date Nights or Days as I can but ultimately, he is the person I like to spend time with.

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