This morning I was looking through the Pictures folder on my PC for a few interesting photos to post.  I found four I particularly like in spite of the fact that they are under-exposed.  Or, maybe, because they are under-exposed, producing silhouettes of the very birds I was trying to photograph (a bluebird, a house finch, a curve-billed thrasher and a red-shouldered hawk).  There is something beautifully basic about a silhouette, a reduction of the subject to its essence.  Under-exposed mistakes or serendipitous silhouettes?  You decide.

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2 Comments on “Silhouettes”

  1. I say “Beautiful” and love the photos you posted here. Also -have to say that I love the back-to-back comments you make on my posts. No need to identify yourself though because I recognize your comments immediately! You really do some very nice photography work though with those birds!

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