Getting Started Again

TSTOn the day we were getting ready for our trip Back East, I was trying to get a few things done on my desktop computer … print a few itineraries and such.   I had half a dozen applications open and Mozilla Firefox was momentarily freezing, so I decided to close everything and restart Windows 7.   Windows 7 had other ideas.   It froze at the Welcome Screen … for 2 hours … so I did a hard shutdown.  Windows 7’s next idea was to suggest that I run Startup Repair and like an idiot, I agreed.   Three hours later, it was still ATTEMPTING TO MAKE REPAIRS TO WINDOWS (THIS COULD TAKE UP TO AN HOUR).   I remembered that I had dutifully made a Window 7 Boot Disk when I first purchased my computer.  It wouldn’t boot.  I remembered that I had made a full Recovery Disk Set.  It wouldn’t run either.   At that point, I decided nothing was going   to get fixed before our vacation, so I shut the *&(&#%$@ thing down.  Of course, shutting down the computer is much easier than keeping my techie brain from thinking about how to fix it … or my flying fingers from Googling phrases like Windows 7 stuck in Startup Repair … in my free moments.  So, today on Top Sites Tuesday #229, I am thinking about fixing my computer and my search shows that I am definitely not alone with my startup problems.

The consensus on the web seems to be that my best hope for recovering without rebuilding my system from scratch is to attempt repairs using a full Windows 7 Installation Disc.  Of course, most computer manufacturers (and the maker of mine in particular, Acer) do not provide such a disc, instead either providing a recovery partition on the hard drive or instructions to create the Recovery Disk Set … which, as you recall, won’t run on my machine.   Fortunately, I found an article on that tells how to download an ISO file for a Windows 7 full installation disk (which I did last night while Muri and I were sleeping).   While the disc requires a product key from Microsoft to be used for a full installation, it can be used for repairs without a key.  So, Thought Number One is This: Maybe there’s hope, particularly since I have a full backup and a hard disc image.

Then there are the inevitable questions:  What caused the start up problems in the first place?  I have more virus and malware protection than Fort Knox, so I don’t expect it’s an infection.   In looking through my posts for the past year, I noticed that I replaced the hard drive on this *&(&#%$@ computer just about a year ago.  Could it be failing again?  Could it be time to give up on the *&(&#%$@ computer?   Could it be a Windows 7 Update has caused my startup problems, as several web sites have indicated?   Perhaps.  It has taken several tries to start my laptop this week … time to back it up just in case.  But a new computer means considering Windows 8.  Do I really want to go there?  These are questions that will be answered in the coming days.   Fortunately my IT department … me … has a good record with problems like this.   I can answer one question now … the inevitable Why don’t you get a Mac?  I have used a PC for years and it supports certain software I need (and own) for my business.   I’m comfortable with Windows and enough of a techie geek to enjoy the customization it allows and the occasional foray into being my own IT department.   And my computing needs are modest these days, making a PC the much cheaper alternative.   Then there’s my Inner Curmudgeon.   Ever a contrarian, he hates the whole Mac Fanboy Culture.   Thought Number TwoComputers are tools.  If I use a Craftsman hammer and you use a Stanley, would you really ask, Why don’t you get a Stanley?  There actually is a choice, people.

Well, I gotta go.  Tune in toward the end of the week to see how this story ends.  And be sure to click my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #229.

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8 Comments on “Getting Started Again”

  1. Wolfbernz Says:

    Hi Bud,

    If you didn’t like windows 7, you really won’t like Windows 8. Computer problems are terrible. I nursed my laptop for 7 years until it finally was beyond repair and given up for parts. Windows XP Pro was the best operating system ever, they couldn’t have just stuck with that?

    I find that I don’t use the PC for anything other than a little website work and programming, the iPad takes care of everything else.

    Good Luck!

    • oldereyes Says:

      As I said to Trina, I’ve been happy with Windows 7 until now. I liked it better than xp and it seemed more stable and less prone to infections. I use my android tablet for many things, but in my business a PC is a necessity.

  2. Trina Says:

    It’s that impending doom feeling of setting up a new computer and possibly switching operating systems. Windows 8 – aka Windows Hate – takes some getting used to. I suggest making sure your programs will work with it because I had a few that don’t play well with the new Windows Hate.

    I hope everything turns out all right, enjoys your trip to the East Coast 🙂 I am sure you will remember why you live in California if you’re here during this Arctic blast.


  3. cherperz Says:

    I am totally lost on how to create a recovery disc. I was good back in the day all the companies gave you recovery discs when you bought there product. Now I have a computer guy that does anything above the scope of my limited ability. Plus I have an external hard drive that at least gives me access to all my files if my computer craps out on me.

    As for Windows vs. Mac. I have had both and I always felt like the majority of the world was operating on PCs and I was odd man out. Especially in the software differences. I think it is less isolating now that there is a Mac version of Windows Office.

    I agree with Trina and Wolf though. If you aren’t loving Windows 7, you will be throwing you laptop off the top of a mountain, highrise, cliff or something when you get a load of Windows 8. I have a new computer that I have only worked on to try to figure out the cumbersome operating system that they keep touting as “innovative”. It’s a nightmare. While I am not great at troubleshooting computer failure, , I have always been super with most software and operating systems. This operating system is the WORST…most cumbersome piece of crap…EVER.

    Hope your computer isn’t failing you and you enjoy your trip. Travel safe.


    • oldereyes Says:

      I have actually been very happy with Windows 7, except for some glitches that may be hardware problems. I would probably looking into buying a Windows 7 machine or downgrading to Windows 7.

      • oldereyes Says:

        Not wanting to wade into what I’m told is Windows 8 Hell … and having had several problems with this Acer Computer (it’s the hard drive again, I think), I’ve ordered a new Dell with Windows 7. I have backed up regularly so I hope not to lose too much. Also ordered a new hard drive to try and resurrect the Acer, which would make transition easier. Guess what I’m doing this weekend?

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