Easily Amazed

campfireWhen I was a boy of about twelve, I was sitting around a fire with my Dad and my Mom’s two brothers, Richard and Jim.  I think we were in Uncle Jim’s backyard.  The men were talking about news and family and, feeling left out, I decided to say something.  I said, Don’t you think it’s amazing?  What’s amazing? Dad said, trying to include his oldest son.  That the fire’s changing all that wood into carbon atoms.  I don’t remember exactly what my uncles said but I remember the warm flush of being laughed at, good naturedly, I’m sure.  I can imagine Uncle Richard saying, Oh sure.  That’s just what I was thinking about !! or Uncle Jim saying, Listen to the little scientist.  That story tells you something about Older Eyes as a Young Boy.  I was always interested in science, even if my understanding of it was not always accurate.  But I havelily also always been Easily Amazed.  I played sports in the hayfield behind the house and Indians with homemade bows and arrows in the woods, but I also had an eye for violets and lily-of-the-valley growing along the banks of a brook or quartz crystals peeking from a fissure in the rocks when the passes were cut through the bedrock for the Connecticut Turnpike.

That hasn’t changed as the years have passed.  Even with two million miles spent on airplanes, I still feel that tingle as a plane lifts off and the ground falls away beneath me or the Grand Canyon appears outside my window.


Older Eyes the scientist can explain to you exactly how the Global Positioning System (GPS) works but I can also be amazed how easy it makes getting around in unfamiliar territory.   When one of our cats curls up on my lap, I’m still amazed that such a nearly-wild creature would choose to spend time with me and I never tire of watching the birds in our yard.   Yes, it sometimes annoys other people.  Muri will be telling me something important and I interrupt her to point out a red-tailed hawk circling overhead.    My friend, Truck, is talking about a writing project or a theory of physics he’s studying and I am distracted by a butterfly fluttering over his right shoulder.  I can’t help it.  I’m Easily Amazed.

What amazes you?

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3 Comments on “Easily Amazed”

  1. oldereyes Says:

    What I forgot to say is that I owe this affliction to my mother, who was exactly the same way 🙂

  2. cherperz Says:

    I am easily amazed as well. There is so much to be seen and appreciated in our world. When I was a kid, I would of never said “are we there yet?” I love looking out the car window and seeing all the things to see. As an adult, I like to stop along the way at see whatever is of interest in an area as well. I might be the only person in Kansas that pulls off the highway to trek over to the Santa Fe trail and fell the ruts that are still worn into the ground. See..I find that amazing that the wagons left a trail that still endures with the tracks of the wagons going west more than 150 years ago.

    I think finding “amazing” in things makes life sweeter.

    • oldereyes Says:

      Doesn’t it surprise you … and make you a little sad … when other people aren’t easily amazed? Particularly when life is difficult, it is those little things that make life worth living. Yet over and over, I’ve noticed that when I point out my “little amazements” to many people, they just glance impatiently and go back to what they were doing.

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