So Little Time

TSTYou’ve probably been out and about somewhere and found yourself behind a vehicle with a bumper sticker that says, So Many Women, So Little Time (in the interest of gender equality and gay rights, it could just as easily say So Many Men but bear with me).  It seems I was programmed for a long term relationship almost from birth and having been fortunate enough to be married to the same woman for 45 years, I always wonder about why someone would have such a bumper sticker.  In my value system, the very fact that a man has that bumper sticker reduces the number of women with whom he’ll have a relationship.  Is that old fashioned?  I usually speed up a little to see who’s driving.   If it’s a twenty-something or thirty-something, I just grin but if it’s a fifty-something or sixty-something, I thank God that I haven’t reached my senior years with a woman count as my rear bumper priority.   Of course, the chances of me having a bumper sticker of any kind are slimski and noneski … and I believe slimski passed away last week.

Anyway, here it is Top Sites Tuesday #230, the Blogdumps meme where I get to post Two Thoughts on Tuesday and you’re probably wondering where this post is headed.  I assure you, it is not a lament by this sixty-nine year old man about how few years he has left.  The topic So Little Time and Thought Number One is a question: What would your Too Little Time bumper sticker read?  Googling So Many … So Little Time, I find that Frank Zappa has saidpedestrians So many books, so little time, a sentiment I can relate to because even though my reading has slowed down in the last five years, I still love a good book.  I found a post titled So Many Devices, So Little Time, an obsession that seems me to be sapping the mindfulness from life these days.  I also found So Many Quilts, So Many Plants and So Many Handbags.  Really?  Handbags?

Mine?  If  you are a regular here, my choice won’t surprise you.  This morning, I was looking for some relaxing music to play in my office and I found and old recording titled Breathe – the Relaxing Jazz Piano.  On it were beautiful pieces by jazz pianists like George Shearing and Oscar Peterson that I suspect few people under fifty remember.  Worse, many of them are favorites that I rarely play.  And as I searched for a Song of the Day to go along with a quote I found by Dr. Bernie Siegel, I found not only dozens of songs I’d never heard but artists I don’t know, some of them (to my Older Ears) awful, but some lovely.  Every week, poking around Amazon or YouTube, I find a new artist that gives me chills.   Thought Number Two is, of course, There is no doubt that my bumper sticker would read So Much Music, So Little Time.  This is another gems from Breathe, by Jacque Loussier, a French pianist known for jazz interpretations of classical music.

Yup.  So Much Music, So Little Time.  Tell me what yours would say in my comments section AFTER you click my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday #230.

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4 Comments on “So Little Time”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I love that comment “slimski and noneski” haha…as for bumper stickers, I also will never have one on my car. Total strangers following me in a vehicle don’t need to know any of my thoughts that aren’t directly related to my driving or their driving. (perhaps a hand gesture would fill the gap if necessary)

    I haven’t seen that bumper sticker but I think it is trashy. Even a 20 something year old should recognize the crudeness of it. If the person whose car it is in a 50 or 60 something, I suspect they have NOT been married 45 years or they wouldn’t have that horrible sticker on their car.

    I probably would go with the So many books so little time. It certainly wouldn’t be handbags, shoes or anything along those lines.

    I enjoyed the music clip. I typically don’t listen to jazz. Not that I don’t enjoy it…I do. That was quite beautiful. I tend to listen to things I can sing or hum along with.


  2. digitalgranny Says:

    I like this music. My bumper sticker says proud wife of disabled Nam vet

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