Coffee Too

coffee tooMy parents were coffee drinkers.  I can remember my Dad taking his first sip from a freshly brewed cup, smacking his lips and saying, Aaaahhhh, just like a coffee commercial.  As you might expect, witnessing such dramatics from Dad would make a young boy want to try coffee, too.   But coffee was for grownups.  Wah.  I’m not sure I actually cried but I probably whined, at least until Dad said, Knock it off!   Mom to the rescue … she brought home a bottle of coffee syrup that could be mixed with milk to make a drink suitable for kids.  Naturally, I called it Coffee Too, as in, Can I have some Coffee Too?  These days, coffee syrup is a flavoring that Starbucks adds to coffee to make a flavored Vente Machiato Frappacino (No Fat Half Caff) but I found Eclipse Coffee Syrup on the web at Annie’s Good Old Days Store.  It turns out coffee milk made with Eclipse Syrup is the official drink of Rhode Island.  Who knew Coffee Too had earned such honors?

I began to drink coffee myself in high school.  Maxwell House was the family brand.  In college it was the staple of all-nighters, whether for card games or last minute exam-cramming.  Through all of the positive and negative news about the effects of caffeine, I’ve remained a coffee drinker.  In my Bigcauldron Industry years, I drank a dark brown liquid known as Aerospace Coffee brewed in large aluminum cauldrons that lasted all day.  It’s a wonder my stomach linings survived.  Ah, youth.  In my occasional jaunts into corporate America these days, I notice the aluminum cauldrons have been replaced by Kuerig machines which brew one perfect cup at a time.  I wouldn’t have survived the afternoon without a few cups of 7 hours old, bitter, hyper-caffeinated coffee.  I still drink 4 cups in the morning but in the interests of saving my Older Stomach, I don’t drink it all day.  I don’t qualify as a coffee aficionado, either, even though I brew my coffee from beans that I grind each day.   After years of flirting with expensive brands from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best, I’ve settled on a medium roast Kona Blend from Target.  Yes, medium roast … I’ve lost my taste for the industrial strength stuff.  The best cup of coffee I ever had was a cup of 100% Kona I got at a coffee stand on Kaanaapali Beach in Maui but that may have been as much the place as the blend.   Like my Mom, I like McDonald’s coffee … prefer it to Starbucks, in fact, although I admit, that’s partly because my Inner Curmudgeon hates standing in line behind people who treat the baristas like best friends.  Don’t they understand the dangers of keeping him from his caffeine fix?

My son has recently become a coffee drinker but my daughter is Mormon and doesn’t touch the stuff.  That creates an interesting situation when my grandkids come to visit.  Like most kids, things they don’t have in their home fascinate them and they are mesmerized by my morning ritual of grinding beans and by the burbling of the coffee maker as it brews.  And they sit and watch me drink it as if it’s the elixir of the gods, which, of course, is the opposite of what their religion teaches.  Fortunately, my daughter and son-in-law are good sports about my coffee obsession.  Periodically, as I’m enjoying my morning cup, one of the grandkids will explain it to me:  Papa drinks coffee.  He’s not Mormon.  We’re Mormon.  We don’t drink coffee.  I could add, You don’t drink Coffee Too, either, because it’s made by straining sugared water through real coffee grounds.  But they’d have no idea what I was talking about.

Now, excuse me while I have my morning cup.  Aaaahhhh!

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4 Comments on “Coffee Too”

  1. cherperz Says:

    I never aquired the taste for coffee but I am an avid tea drinker. Unlike the Mormans, I totally embrace caffeine. My husband agrees with you on your coffee choices…he likes McDonalds better than Starbucks, Perfers Medium roast (also likes Kona Blend)

    There is a social tie-in with coffee though. As a non-coffee drinker and a non-alcohol drinker, I often find myself in social situations where there is an expectation that you drink one of those beverages. Obviously not in the same place.

    That is really cute about your grandkids. I like the “Papa” reference. My son-in-law’s parents asked to be called Nana and Papa so it wasn’t available to us. We are OK with being Grandma and Grandpa but Papa is better. What do they call Muri?

  2. territerri Says:

    Coffee syrup? Never heard of it. I never had any desire as a kid to drink coffee either. I started drinking coffee… I don’t know, maybe only 10 or 15 years ago when I discovered hazelnut creamer. I still can’t drink it black and these days, I’ll vary the creamer. (Right now, there’s a bottle of salted caramel mocha creamer in my fridge.)

    A friend who is a coffee fanatic recently explained that the darker the roast, the less caffeine there is. I buy the darkest roast I can find.

  3. Caffeine -in the form of coffee -is truly the elixer of the gods! (At least in my book it is anyway!) Half of my ethnic heritage is Scottish and the other half is Swedish and it is my Swedish roots that I (and all my Mom’s family too) attribute for our love of coffee! (My Dad’s family -the Scots -were primarily tea drinkers.) Years back, when I was young and not just crazy but also more than a bit foolish, I used to joke that I loved things that were words ending with the sound “EEN” -as in Caffeine, Nicotine and I dearly also loved, at that time, amphetimine! Some days now, when I’m really slow to getting moving and doing bunches of different things, as much as possible, as quickly as possible, I find myself kind of longing for some good amphetimines! (Thankfully though, none are available to me so I am relegated to using caffeine and nicotine then as my “git ‘er done” juice for the day! BTW -I started indulging in coffee at the tender age of not quite 3 years old -from watching my Grandpa drink his 1-2 cups (at least) at each and every meal. Coffee with cream and sugar please, it was then. Today it is generally black, but I do, from time to time, really like some good flavored creamers for a chage-up -especially white chocolate with raspberry flavored stuff. Now THAT is some good stuff! Trust me!

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